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Welcome to the History of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia!

This is not a big detail thing, just an effort at writing about something I have an interest in and admiration for: the story of the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania and especially my home Archdiocese of Philadephia.

A little about myself: I'm a 15 year-old high school junior in Philadelphia who hopes to be a priest. One thing I can attribute my vocation to is the Archdiocese, from it's head, Anthony Cardinal Bevilacqua, one who I have the high honor of calling "friend", to the bishops, priests, deacons, seminarians and laymen, all of whom form this great Archdiocesan family. Because I will never be able to repay each of them for what they have done in building this history to this very day and as a tribute to these workers in the vineyard of God, I recount our foundations. What was a small seed two centuries ago is now the fifth largest diocese in the country, with a Catholic population of 1.4 million.

Recently, many people have written me about the information and enjoyment they have received from this site. To all of you, my thanks. I ask for your prayers...

Note: This page is not affiliated with, or has been endorsed by, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. (At least not yet!)

This page is divided into three main sections:

Quotes of the Ordinaries of Philadelphia

The Bishops of Philadelphia (EXTREME Work in Progress!!!!)

The Influence of John Cardinal Krol - This is a thesis I did shortly after the Cardinal's death for school.

Note: This is all taken from either "The History of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia" (1976) or various editions of "The Catholic Standard & Times".

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