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The Bishops Letter

This year many things have happened. On June the 25th, we had the exhumation of the remains of Archbishop Aleine de Boismenu. The remains are now kept in the church at Kubuna.

Many people came and braved the wet conditions to be together on this occasion. The Nuncio Archbishop Adolfo Tito C. Yllana, the provincial superior of the MSC, Fr Edward Mellie MSC, the OLSH Sisters provincial, Sis Catharine and the mother general of the AD sisters were there to. It was an opportunity, for people from the near by Kuni and Mekeo villages to be part of the occasion. 

On the 30th of June our business manageress of our Dioceses left to return home to Australia, she has given much of her time in helping to build our dioceses in the services she gave. She will be well remembered for all she did for us. About the same time Fr Justin Ratsi left us to take his new appointment in the dioceses of Bougenvile. In his time with use he was the Parish Priest of St. Vincent, Kanosia, as well as being Chaplin to the youths in the dioceses. He was well liked by the people young and old.  He worked tirelessly to build the local church and began also the new church building of St. Vincents Parish. Fr Tino took his place and is continuing the good works. Br Leonard a member of the Marist community at St Vincents, has left the diocese to take up his new appointment in Fiji.

Fr Ben Fleming MSC has arrived to join the staff at the Aleine De Boismenu Diocesan Pastoral Centre. He has taken over the work as pastoral co-ordinator in the diocese. Fr Roger is pastoral Vicar and leads the diocese renewal program. Sis Veronica AD has joined the team at Kubuna also. 

We had a destructive fire, at Mainohana Secondary School in late April. The school lost a lot of valuable office equipment and records that will be expensive to replace. This has made it very difficult for the school to function effectively. Despite the damage caused, the school continues to provide there essential services despite the difficulties.  There is a plan to re-build the administration block at the school, but this will need the support of all communities in the dioceses. So far we have the support from our friends, the Del asale Brothers and the students in there schools. May I stress here that we will require the local contribution from all communities for the benefit of our children. This fire came as a sign telling us that moral responsibility in our community is vital for our future growth.

We welcome into the diocese a young Irishman, Marius Stanley who arrived in November. Marius will be helping in the diocesan office with various administrations. We are happy that he will be with us for this time. Br Rene has given his tentative plan to return here on January the 7th, he will be administrative manager here at Bereina House. 

Fr Boudaud has recovered from the accident and has returned to Ononge Parish. Fr Bell is recuperating in Sydney from were he will be travelling home to France for his long awaited retirement after fifty years in Papua New Guinea he will be surely missed.

This year ending we will have a number of Sisters leaving the Diocese, to take up other appointments, they are sister; Sr Marietta Mararang, Sr Freda Saura, Sr Cecilia Malaise, and Sr Mary Angela Lelemai. We would like to thank them for there fruitful contribution in building our local church. We pray that God may continue to bless them in their future ministry.

Two of our Seminary students will be ordained deacons on the 18th of December, at Bereina Cathedral. They are Alan Efi and Paul Arua.


We pray for a spirt filled Christmas season, with blessings for all.


Respectfully yours,



John Ribat msc

Bishop of Bereina