"Before being religious, be human and Christian in all the strength and beauty of these terms.  
Christ was true God and true man, so do not be afraid of being human; for the more you are totally human,
the more you be able to give glory to the Father, who is glorified in his creatures. "
                                                                                                                    - little sister Magdeleine
Our life of prayer is also shaped by the context in which we live.  This, too, is in the image of Jesus of Nazareth.  All of our homes, whether apartments, trailers or tents have a chapel.  

There we have regular times of prayer together as a community as well as silent adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  These times of prayer are a means of making our whole lives become prayer, of simply taking time to dwell a little longer in the mystery of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection that we celebrate in the Eucharistic meal, trying to allow our lives to be permeated by this mystery so as to live more eucharistic lives.
Rome - chapel at our general house
Spiritual Childhood
Spiritual childhood is at the foundation of this way of presence.  

Like the Incarnation itself, it is a way of quietly entering into situations as one who is "little" and who has everything to learn.  
It opens doors that might otherwise be closed from fear or suspicion.  
It is also a profound way of living in the image of God who chose to come among us as a tiny child.  

It fashions the depths of a relationship with God which is sure of being loved and strong enough to trust even in the face of suffering and death.
"Spiritual childhood is the result of a mature faith, and not a childish attitude.  It means self-surrender to the will of God in simplicity of heart and a willing spirit."
                                           -Constitutions of the Little Sisters of Jesus
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