“You have only one Model: Jesus.  Do not look for another.”  
                                                                -little sister Magdeleine
Jesus spent 30 years in Nazareth,
living and working among people in such an ordinary way that it is barely spoken of in the Gospels.  
These were years of truly taking on our human condition so that he might live the rest of his life, and his death, as a "man from Nazareth.”
France - kitchen work
Rather than having Church-related jobs, we choose to work in the "market place" alongside others.  
We support ourselves by ordinary, mostly unskilled, work through which we share the concrete  reality of the lives of so many.
Egypt - working in a sewing factory
It is within this setting that we choose to live out our call to a vowed religious life.

By the vows we express our intention to surrender our whole lives to God's love and the service of God's kingdom.
Copiapo Chilew72dpi.jpg
Hong Kong - cleaning in the metro
Chile - with coworkers in the vineyards
USA- work in a public library
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