Welcome to Saint Anne Catholic Parish

St. Anne is one of the largest parishes in the Oakland Diocese, but maintains a friendly, small-town atmosphere. St. Anne is located in Union City, California--a suburb of the San Francisco Bay Area. St. Anne was founded in 1860 and the original church was built in the old Alvarado District (as the area was known before its charter as Union City). Our new church was built in 1983.

Union City is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse communities in Northern California and St. Anne reflects this diversity. Families, friends, and visitors are welcome to celebrate in our Mass as well as participate in the many activities and parish organizations. Guest priests and missionaries are often invited to celebrate Mass. For further information please contact our Parish Office.

Our Charter
"We the people of Saint Anne will:
- seek unity in our diverse community
- establish a living church where people practice their faith
- develop a compassionate communal leadership
...to foster and preserve solidarity among God's people."