The Center's Curriculum

Designed into six units providing and enhancing the skills, knowledge, and ministerial aptitude of the laity

Units are broken down into modules - crystallizing the area of leadership and ministry that will be broadened and deepened

Modules are composed by a set of sessions incorporating study, reflection, dialogue, projects, etc.

Unit One - Community Pastoral Leadership

Module 1 - Leadership as a Personal Vocation

Module 2 - Leadership within the Context of Groups

Module 3 - Leadership within the Parish Community

Module 4 - Leadership Discerning Activity

Unit Two - Christian Foundation for Leadership

Module 1 - Searching

Module 2 -Journeying

Module 3 - Proclaiming

Unit Three - Spirituality for Leadership

Module 1 - 19th Annotation of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola

Unit Four - Leadership for Specialized Ministry

Module l - Lector Formation

Module 2 - Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist Formation

Module 3 - Liturgical Spirituality

Unit Five C.A.R.E. for Parish Ministry

(Continuing Adult Religious Education)

Module 1 - Introduction to Scriptures

Module 2 - Ecclesiology and Ministry

Module 3 - Christology

Module 4 - Morality and Social Issues

Module 5 - New Evangelization

Unit Six Evangelization for SocialTransformation

This unit is connected through movements rather than modules.