St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church

Rahway, NJ


The Organ

A pipe organ brings splendor and majesty to our worship.

As it lifts our voices it inspires our hearts, our minds. It unites us as we give glory to God.

An instrument of meditation as well as celebration, our pipe organ brings us together at our One Table...

Pipe organs provide an aesthetic beauty

to the Catholic liturgy and create a

musical heritage for our children...

Peragallo 3/24 1982


Great                                                 Swell

Principal                        8’                Lieblich Gedackt            16’

Rohr Floete                    8’                Nason Gedackt              

Octave                            4’                Viola Pomposa                8’

Floete Harmonique        4’                Viola Celeste T.C.          8’

Doublette                       2’                Floete A Fuseau             4’

Fourniture                     III                Floete A Bec                   2’

Great                              16’              Sesqui Altera                 II

Great                              4’                Hautbois                       

Swell to Great                16’              4 Blank

Swell to Great                8’                Tremulant                     

Swell to Great                4’                Swell                              16’

Choir to Great                16’              Swell                              4’

Choir to Great                8’

Choir to Great                4’



Choir                                                Pedal

Holz Floete                     8’                Contre Basse                 16’

Gemshorn                      8’                Soubasse                       16’

Gemshorn Celeste          8’                Lieblich Gedackt            16’

Flach Floete                    4’                Octave                            8’

Principal (prepared for)    2'               Soubasse                       8’

Pontifical Trompette      8’                Gedackt                         8’

Chalumeau                    8’                Basse de Choral             4’

Tremulant                                         Bombarde  (prepared for) 16'

Choir                              16’              Pontificial Trompette     

Choir                              4’                Great to Pedal                8’

Swell to Choir                16’              Great to Pedal                4’

Swell to Choir                8’                Swell to Pedal                8’

Swell to Choir                4’                Swell to Pedal                4’

Great to Choir                8’                Choir to Pedal                8’

Blank                                                Choir to Pedal                4’

The ecclesiastical heritage associated with pipe organs has

inspired worshippers for nearly a thousand years.

    The pipe organ came to its present form about 1100 A.D. Historically it has been an instrument of joy whose central purpose is to lead the congregation in song that expresses praise, adoration, confession, affirmation and commitment. For more than a millennium music has been present at key moments of our life—baptism, marriage, throughout the journey of faith, up to and including when we die. Almost four decades ago Vatican II affirmed the authentic pipe organ as the unequivocal foundation for Roman Catholic liturgical worship. The Bishops Committee on the Liturgy affirmed in 1983 that music heightens the effectiveness of the texts, imparts a sense of unity to the congregation, and sets the tone for celebration. Indeed, the group acknowledged that “music is so integral to the human personality and to growth in faith that it cannot be ignored if the signs of worship are to speak to the whole person.”


Janice C. Fech, Director of Music/Organist                Roberta TenBroeck, Organist



The organ at St. Mary's was redesigned, relocated, and installed  in the fall of 1982. The original organ of 18 ranks was built by the Hall Organ Co., which is no longer in business.

The Three Manual and Pedal oak console is mounted on a movable oak parquet floor platform, which renders the console complete flexibility to adapt to any liturgical function.

The console features a silver contact system and has all electromagnetic controls.

The organ proper is located in the apse, directly behind the reredos screen. The exposed pipes are all playing pipes and are arranged in an attractive design of displayed functional pipe work.

The organ features, both artistically and musically, a Trompette en Chamade (copper Trompette pipes mounted horizontally). The trompette presides over the entire organ with a fiery reed sound.

The overall organ ensemble produces a fine pipe sound, which is truly the "King of Instruments."

This fine instrument was built and is currently maintained by Peragallo Pipe Organ Company of Paterson, New Jersey.

The pipe organ is to be held in high esteem,

for it is the traditional musical instrument

that adds a wonderful splendor

to the Church’s ceremonies

and powerfully lifts up man’s mind

to God and heavenly things.

-Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy

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