Summary of S.A.F.E. Topics


Demographics and the Overpopulation Hoax


        Demography reveals the hoax of “overpopulation” and exposes the truth on the alarming and near-irreversible consequences of more than thirty years’ contraceptive use and intensive campaign in population control and reduction: a collapsing pension system in the developed world, the rise of aging populations unable to be supported by a shrinking young age group, and the fallacy of linking poverty to population, as the shrinking world population has not resulted in less world poverty. Instead we are faced with even greater poverty in the world, massive world hunger.  The truth is that we have to maintain the natural population pyramid in order for society – and mankind itself – to survive.  The natural family has to be maintained and fertility must not be regulated at merely replacement levels or below, otherwise serious consequences will set in.


It is clear that fertility levels are declining worldwide, but unfortunately it does not stop some of our lawmakers from proposing laws that seek to limit the number of children of couples.  From more than 6 children per woman in the 1960s, the total fertility rate in the Philippines has done down to approximately three children per woman in 2000.  The UN has declared that more than 70 countries today are on the road to extinction, meaning that they are not able to replace their aging population because of the dwindling births in their countries.  Overpopulation is the hoax of the century but it is still peddled to the developing countries and blamed as the cause of their poverty.


The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality


Human sexuality refers to the totality of the person, not just the sexual act. There are two aspects of human sexuality, the biological and the non-biological, which refers to the relational power of human beings.  Sexuality is man’s capacity to be fulfilled, to be creative, and to be generative, expressed either biologically or non-biologically.  Man and woman, being created both in the image of God, are endowed with equal personal dignity.  They are not just bodies, but persons, and the wholeness involves the physical and the spiritual aspects.  Sexuality must be understood in its Christian view in order to develop the proper attitude in relating to others.


Sex Education: An Assault on Innocence


Parents are the first educators of their children.  The home is the first school where children learn the meaning of love, sharing and compassion, sacrifice, friendship, generosity, human dignity and respect for human life.  The Sex Education curriculum is primarily patterned after humanistic, utilitarian, and materialistic values.  The students are trained to decide on moral issues without consideration of faith and God, thus being “value-free”. This has led to the prevailing sexual mentality and enslavement, and the rise of anti-family values. Sex Education attacks the family because it seeks to divide the family members and leads them to intrigue against each other.  Proper sex education cannot be separated from catechism, God’s plan for each one of us, and the teaching of chastity and values. Parents have to be first educators of their children and schools can only reinforce what has been taught in the home.


New Age Movement: A Christless Spirituality


        “New Age” is the most subtle of attacks against Church and family, and the most pervasive.  This term is based on the belief in astrology that a new zodiac sign occurs every 2000 years, and the Age of Pisces, from year 1 to 2000, has ended and the Age of Aquarius has began, 2001-4000.  Each age will witness the coming of a new messiah, and the messiah of the New Age is the so-called “Maitreya” who will reveal himself at a later year.  Thus, the new age practices diminish and deny the divinity of Christ and God’s eternal covenant of salvation with mankind through Christ. New Age has changed even the concept of God from a personal, loving Father who created us and calls us back to him, to a god who is simply a “cosmic energy” and can be referred to as Power, Force, or Energy. The challenge of the New Age should move all Christians to learn more about the doctrinal foundations of our faith, relearn the value and partake faithfully of the sacraments, and be aware of the attacks posed by New Age.


Pornography and Violence in Mass Media


Media have become very powerful instruments in the modern world, often going beyond mere influence to dictate upon attitudes, values, and lifestyles of the people. Media for a large part is losing its crusade for public good; commercialism has encroached upon, and has eaten up, their mission.  Because of the great temptation of profit, ethics has not become a major consideration in the mission of many media outlets, thus we experience violations against the dignity of the person. 


Pornography has been shown to produce the following effects among its users: addiction (the victim comes back for more); escalation  (the victim seeks more shocking material), desensitization (shocking material becomes normal and acceptable), and acting out sexually (the victims act out what was seen). Pornography distorts love, ridicules marriage and fidelity, and dehumanizes participants and victims.  Studies have shown that teen-agers are the biggest consumers of pornography. 

Violent entertainment in mass media, from movies to video games, has also become common fare especially to young people.  The prevalence of violence and the use of violence in media lead to the inability of persons to offer dialogue and alternative means of resolving conflicts and disagreements.  Thus we see today a “mean world syndrome”.  We must be constantly on guard and teach the faith very strongly, beginning from the earliest stages of childhood.  The invaluable dignity of the human person has to be imbued especially among the young people in order that human sexuality is understood in its proper context.


Reproductive Health and the Gospel of Life


The defense of life has to start from the very inception of life itself, which is the time of fertilization and not implantation, as some groups claim. Because of this critical difference, we can see and define some contraceptive methods as being abortifacients in reality.  These are the pill and the IUD, because they both can inhibit the implantation of an embryo – the earliest stage of a human being after the egg is fertilized – when it is around 5-7 days old. There are also contraceptive and abortion-inducing vaccines, and in some countries abortion is legal even until the ninth month of pregnancy.  But nothing is politically correct that is morally wrong.  Life is like a seamless garment.  It must be respected and protected from conception until the moment of natural death. 


        The condom’s intrinsic voids, manufacturing defects, improper handling and storage, ageing, and mistakes in its usage, contribute to its high failure rate in preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.  Water-leakage testing standards allow 4 leaking condoms per batch of 1,000: this translates to millions of leaking condoms worldwide. Between 1999-2003, the Brazilian government recalled millions of condoms due to failure in different tests and to the discovery of counterfeit products. On the other hand, repeatedly using condoms tremendously increases the cumulative risk, making condoms unreliable in the long run. This is why intensive condom campaigns have so far failed to stop AIDS in Africa—on the contrary, the figures have increased. In 2003 there were 750,000 AIDS cases in Thailand, in spite of (or because of?) its 100% Condom Use Program, while there are only 1,935 cases in the Philippines, where the population in general has not succumbed to the condom doom. (Note that both countries reported the first AIDS cases in 1984, and the Philippines has a population 30% greater than Thailand.)


        There has been massive mind conditioning on us, so we are now experiencing the problems resulting from teen promiscuity, homosexuality, and fornication.  Sexual activity without control and moral restriction results in illegitimate births, abortions, rise in sexually transmitted diseases, among others. Contraceptive use will not reduce teen pregnancy sexually transmitted diseases in the long run; rather, it simply condones a hedonistic lifestyle and sex  without  responsibility, and copulation without sacramental union.  Respect and love for life can only be completely realized within the context of marriage and family.  Truly responsible parenthood means either generously raising a big family, for couples who are able to do so, or, when there are serious reasons, to avoid a new birth for the time being or indefinitely. Secular “family planning” inculcates a mentality of contraception and the refusal of life even before it is realized.


Let us promote chastity until marriage.  The virtues of holy purity and modesty will help our youth become more mature. Let us celebrate marriage as a sacrament.  Every child has a right to be born, in a family, to have a father and mother.


Marriage and the Family: What is the Father’s Plan?


God is.  God knows God (the Word) and God accepts God (the Spirit).  Thus God is Triune.   God created man in His image and likeness; He is to be found in our spiritual part.  The power to know is our intellect, and the power to love is our free will.  He has put these in a body, thus man expresses himself in and through the body.  Because of the love between man and woman, a third is created.  The natural family is Trinitarian.


Man’s fall from grace was restored through Incarnation and Christ’s redemption of man through Calvary.  Redemption came to man through the family: Jesus was born to Joseph and Mary. Thus we behold the family as the domestic church.  Jesus brings God to our understanding by using the language of the family.  God is our Father.  God calls Him “beloved Son”.  On Calvary, Jesus tells us, “Behold your Mother.” In some way it can be said that the organizational model that Jesus had in mind for the Church is the family.  The Church is familial: Pater Noster, Mater Ecclesiae, Dei Filius.


There are four characteristics of marriage:  it is fully human; it is a total gift of self, body and soul; it is faithful and exclusive; and it is fruitful (open to children according to the plan of God).


        The dignity of Christian Marriage arises from its very nature: it was instituted by God between man and woman as an exclusive and indissoluble relationship and patterned after God’s Trinitarian Self; it was restored by Christ after the Fall and it was elevated by Christ to the level of a sacrament.  Secondly, the dignity of marriage arises from its purpose and ministry to serve each other by mutual help and to serve life as parents.  Thirdly, the dignity of marriage arises from its being a sacrament.  Matrimony is a lay ministry as it is the husband and wife who perform the services pertaining to marriage; it is in partnership with Holy Orders to serve the Church; it is a consecration to the duties and dignity of the sacrament; it involves a feminine ministry, and it has a permanent dimension.