The New Hampshire Catholic Engaged Encounter (NHCEE) community has been serving engaged couples in New England for over twenty-nine years and counting.  Over the years NHCEE has increased and or reduced the numbers of EE weekends that it offers to meet the needs of the Engaged.  We currently offer 2 weekends in ME and two weekends in NH each year.   


As we mentioned to you while you were on your EE weekend, NHCEE depends on volunteers to fulfill its mission and this is the reason we need you.  On the survey form you filled at the end of your weekend, you were asked if you had a willingness to help in hosting.  Hosting is the task of welcoming engaged couples upon their arrival on Friday night and leading them to their rooms.  You may recall, from when you made your engaged encounter weekend, when you arrived to the retreat house on Friday night, a person greeted you, offered to carry your luggage, and showed you the way to your room. That is the function of hosting. You will not be alone performing this task. There will be other couples with you who are “experienced” in performing this task, so we invite you again to come and join us in this fulfilling ministry.


The hosting task lasts for approximately one hour. Engaged couples start arriving around 7:00 PM and by 8:00 most of them are on site since the meeting starts at 8:00 PM.


If you are interested in helping us host for about an hour on a Friday evening during one of the weekends listed on this website please let us know and we would love to have you with us.  

For more information about hosting or helping out with in any way with this ministry contact us at:


Yvon & Sue Gagnon at 603-582-8981 or Email us at:


We sincerely do appreciate your help; we wish you the best through out your marriage journey.



Yvon & Sue Gagnon, NH Coordinators