The Institute begun by St. John Baptist de La Salle has followed the footsteps of its founder and is now established throughout the world. The Brothers give themselves to the education of children, young people and also mature students. They are at present in 82 countries, and have more than 2000 teaching establishments where 950,000 students are educated. Associated with the 7,500 Brothers in the schools, colleges and educational centers, where God's and the Church's work is done, are 60,000 lay colleagues. Their aim is to help the students to achieve a full education as persons, citizens of their country and believers. The teaching establishments of the Lasallian Institute deal with every level: pre-school, elementary and secondary education, preparation for careers, advanced and university education. This educational work is accomplished in every class of society, but especially among the poor and needy and in developing countries or among young persons who have learning or conduct problems. The Brothers give special attention to missionary countries where the young churches exist, particularly in Africa and Asia.

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