Franciscan Missionaries of The Divine Motherhood


As a religious congregation in the Catholic Church, the Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood, or FMDMs serve God in the footsteps of St Francis of Assisi, who deeply loved Our Lady as Mother of the Incarnate.

As Franciscan sisters, we are called to extend Mary's spiritual Motherhood, following Christ and living according to the Gospel.

In union with all Franciscans we now see that our life is formed not around a common place not around a common task, but rather around a common heart.

Prayer in our lives

Just as St.Francis considered prayer to be the centre of his life, we make community prayer the central part of our lives as FMDMs.


No work of love is outside the Franciscan vocation

there is no gift or talent that cannot be taken and channelled for Christ within the FMDM calling.

As such, FMDMs are engaged in numerous apostolates

including serving the poor and needy in the spirit of St. Francisan at Plentong, Port Klang, Penang and Singapore

"To live according to the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ"

This is what St. Francis longed for with all his heart
Today the hearts and minds of FMDMs throughout the world are filled with this same longing.


Inspired by St. Francis, the FMDMs delicate their lives to the service of God and His people, taking His message of Love as missionaries. We are willing to be sent anywhere - in the footsteps of St Francis - to be a witness of God's love, joy and peace.

Today, FMDMs have the joy of serving as missionaries in many countries throughout the world with vastly differing cultures and lifestyles. The fact that so many of us have been missioned has had a profound and varied influence on the life and spirit of the entire congregation.

If you would like to find out more about the FMDMs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sr. Angeline Lim, fmdm 
Villa Francis (Home for the Aged)
9 Mandai Estate,
MANDAI, Singapore 729906
Tel: 02-2692877 / 3671091
Fax: 02-3684505


enlighten my mind
with your Wisdom
so that I may know
what you are asking of me
at this time of my life (or search)
Direct my understanding
with prudence
give me a generous heart
to respond to
whatever way of life
You are asking of me.
For this I praise and thank you.

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