DATE OF ORDINATION              NAME                                               PLACE

1951                                                J.B.DUC                                          Tongking (Vietnam

18th July 1954                                  John Joseph U WIN                        Mandalay(Myanmar)

1955                                                George U KIAW (MUNG KIAW)  Bassein(Myanmar)

25th Febuary 1955                           Dominic VENDARGON                  Kuala Lumpur

13th March 1955                              Francis CHAN                                Penang

21st May 1961                                 Sebastian SHWEE YAUK               Toungoo(Myanmar)

15th May 1963                                Paul NGUYEN DINH NIENH          Vinh(Vietnam)

2nd Febuary 1965                           Gabriel THOEY                                Rangoon(Myanmar)

1965                                                Aloysius JOSEPH                             Mandalay (Myanmar)

12th June 1968                                 Joseph MAHN ERIE                         Bassein(Myanmar)

9th April 1968                                 Gregory YONG                                  Penang

11th May 1969                                Abraham THAN                                Keng Tung (Myanmar)

3rd October 1971                           Lawrence SAMANCHIT                   Chanthaburi (Thailand)

8th June 1973                                  James CHAN                                    Melaka/Johor

29th October 1975                         Joseph DEVELLEREZ (TAUNG SHWE) Prome(Myanmar)

14th November 1975                     Simon FUNG                                       K.Kinabalu

29th September 1977                    Anthony Soter FERNANDEZ               Penang

20th November 1977                    Anthony LEE                                         Miri

16 July 1980                                  Lawrence KHAI SAENPHON-ON     Thare & Nongseng

1st September 1980                       Antony SELVANAYAGAM               Penang

6th January 1987                            Dominic SU                                         Sibu

26th June 1987                              John LEE                                              K. Kinabalu

6th May 1993                                Cornelius PIONG                                 Keningau

4th October 1995                         Murphy PAKIAM                                  Kuala Lumpur



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