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Follow Him On The Road 

Rev. Fr. F. Anthony

Fr. F. Anthony has been teaching  Sacred Scriptures at College for the past  15 years.
Message from the Rector
one of us truly works alone. Whether in ministry or in industry those who are successful have had the supporting team or individuals to help shoulder their responsibilities; trusted co-workers to advice on major decisions and the personal wisdom to recognize that they haven't done the job alone no matter how others may see it or how tempting it is to singly take the credit. 

Since first being assigned to the seminary as a formator eighteen years ago and as the Rector for the last three years, I have had the consistent source of support from various people - Bishops, priests, religious and lay people. I am really privileged to have these zealous, enthusiastic and encouraging people who assist me and the staff to help the local church to form seminarians to be pastors in Peninsular Malaysia. This reflects the aspiration of the local church to be a participative church, various people are sharing their talent and time to germinate the seed of vocation to the priesthood in our seminarians. 

While the universal church is gearing its energy to celebrate Jubilee Year 2000, the Church in Peninsular Malaysia seems to be hit by a "second-wind", a concerted effort is being made to bring out the best in all of us - the followers of Christ. The various levels of P.M.P.C. formation sessions and the "road show" might not have stirred the hornets' nest but has definitely made us to question our faith, our religiosity, our discipleship and more acutely to ponder our role in the ever changing and evolving society we live in. The Malaysian government is leading us towards a "Wawasan 2020". A bright future is being promised through various development programmes. The Peninsular church is heading in the same direction but with a focus on the life and mission of Jesus Christ. He came so that we "may have life and have it to the full". The beacon "towards...a new way of being church in Malaysia" has started to urge us to look deep into ourselves. Who are we in relationship with God and society? Are we basking with the gifts of God or are we going through the pangs of sharing, loving, forgiving and recreating? The Beatitudes in the gospels have given us a challenging way to make real the Kingdom of God here on earth! 

These continuous waves of vision and development both material and spiritual in nature have indeed "hit" the seminary. The focus for the year, "Walking with Jesus - experiencing Jesus in the Word, Sacraments and Persons" reflects the conscientious effort of all of us to play our role not just in the future but to begin the process of true transformation here and now. Rooted in the Word, enriched by the sacraments convinced in the goodness of humanity we are walking with Jesus towards the horizon of His Kingdom. The various articles, snippets and photographs in Sinaran '97 try to express in words and images the transformation we are going through to be energized members in the local church which is sincerely sparing no efforts to be more relevant and real to Jesus Christ and his mission.  

Congratulation to the editorial team for venturing into the topics related to a participative church with the underlying theme "Walking with Jesus". Just as every road has its "ups and downs" for the traveler to encounter during the journey; likewise, "Walking with Jesus" too has its glorious, joyful and sorrowful moments. With Jesus Christ who is ever present, everything is made possible for the disciples to  
"Follow Him on the road".

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