Message from the Rector
L-R: Raphael, Thomas, Dominic, Francis
"Take correction and you'll need less of it, this makes walking with Jesus more cheerful." 
Francis Andrews

"I feel cheerful and comfortable each time Jesus walks with me" 

Raphael Marian
"I found a new life in Christ and I like to share it with you." 
Dominic Santhiyagu

"Walking with Jesus - we are called to know, to experience and to love Him." 

Thomas Loh
It is not a matter of serving the Lord better... 
It is a matter of knowing better the Lord that I serve. 

This statement has been my driving force and motivating guide in all that I have done and encountered in the many areas of my life, in my pastoral work, academic studies, community living and most of all in my relationship - my prayer life - with God this past years. 

Service has always been the outstanding interest in my life. I had indeed tried to base all my years of formation on the image of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, a Jesus who came to serve and not to be served. Indeed, this path of service is not easy but the satisfaction is sweet. 

There had been many conflicts, walls and pitfalls that I have come up against whilst trying to "do" His will in the best of my ability that left me dejected and disappointed at times. But, the realization that He is the master and the 'No. 1' in my life, continues to give me strength to 'get up' and start over again. I guess I was caught up with just serving the Lord better, trying only to do things in order to make God present and glorified but the realization that God is indeed present and manifesting himself so clearly through simple people and events led me to the search of knowing better the Lord that I serve.

Bro. Simon LaBrooy 
Kuala Lumpur  
Final Year
Come ... Saw... Stayed 

Come and see (Jn. 1:39). These were the words of Jesus' invitation to me as I was going through my discernment process 8 years ago to join the seminary. It was indeed a tough and important decision in my life. Personally, this call was the indication to me to follow, live and experience Jesus, the "Way, Truth and Life".  With this in mind and heart, I went, saw and made a firm decision to stay with Him in the seminary. 

Today, having completed 8 years of formation in the seminary, I feel a tremendous joy and peace within me in having responded freely to God's invitation and call to serve in His vineyard. But, the decision to stay on did not come easily. There were lots of difficulties and challenges throughout. It involves the leaving of my old-self behind, the challenges of community living, relationships and not forgetting the studies. Prayer life, being open to one's self and facing challenges gradually as they came, made the difference altogether! 

Looking back at the years of seminary formation, together with St. Paul, I echo these words "I have run a good race" thus this far. I thank God for all the graces showered upon me and pray for His continuos guidance in my future ministry in carrying out the vision and mission of the Church in journeying towards Jubilee Year 2000 and beyond. 

"It needs a very pure intention, as well as great spiritual discernment, always to recognize the divine voice". 
(R.H. Benson)

Bro. Vincent Paul Thomas  

Penang Diocese  
Final Year

A car in the assembly line... 

My journey of 10 years, could be compared to a car in the assembly line. Coming with my unique personality and background, I am fitted with new accessories of knowledge and spirituality. Fine tuned, keeping in mind the demands and satisfaction of the customers: God, Bishop, Formators, priests and parishioners; Sometimes harshly tuned but often gently handled. Wounds from tuning, at times makes me "shudder" to be in the formation. However,  endured for the love of the Church and wanting to be a priest with the mind and heart of the Church. Inspite of that, the journey has been a happy one. Always experiencing God's consolation, love and support through the  Bishop, Formators, Priests, seminarians and friends. I would like to express my "Thanks" for the warmth shown towards me, they were my source of strength. I realized that in this reciprocal relationship of ministering and being ministered. I am able to be the Wounded Healer, 'By his wounds we are healed" (Isa. 53:5). Now at the end of the line, I am praying and pregnated with hope that I will not be send to the scrap metal yard. Instead, energized by the grace of ordination, to rev' in the pastoral highway and byways as a priest!!!  
Yet, Your will be done, not mine! 

Together building God's Kingdom.

Bro. Nelson Joseph Jacob 
Penang Diocese  
Final Year
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