Dear friends. 

Greetings to you from College General.  
It is indeed a great joy and privilege for all of us to share with you some reflections and information on  life here in the seminary. As you thumb through the pages of this Sinaran, we hope that you will come to know us, the seminarians as well as the formators hopefully better. 

As a year dedicated to Jesus Christ, this year's issue carries the theme, "Walking with Jesus"  in line with the theme chosen by the Malaysian Church as she prepares for the Great Jubilee Year 2000. Walking with Jesus offers us an opportunity to relive the painful steps of the first disciples who struggled to arrive  at statements of their faith in Jesus. It is a journey each Christian makes following the Way of Jesus. The guideposts for this journey are the ways  Jesus himself spoke of God and faith, the deeds he performed, the selfless lifestyle he beckoned each would-be disciple to consider. Perhaps, this is what he meant by saying, "Come Follow Me!" ( Mk 1:18). 

As you peek into our Sinaran, you will know something of us; you may be amused with our sense of humour; amazed at our passion for living and wanting to grow and the search for meaning in life even in the midst of doubts, fears, trials and human limitations. In fact, it is these that make our call challenging yet inspiring and meaningful indeed. 

We wish to thank all those who have tirelessly contributed to Sinaran and those who have made it a successful and more so, a meaningful issue. We thank you for reading Sinaran and we invite you to share the thoughts and reflections herein with others, especially young men who aspire to serve the Lord...  

We are grateful for your continuous prayers and support.  

Editorial Board
Sinaran 97 
  Message from the Rector   
  L-R: George, Fr. F. Anthony, Frederick, Robert, Francis   
  A recent television advertisement on physical training equipment made this interesting claim: 

"Studies have shown that many of us are not joggers.  
But we are all natural walkers!" 

This is an important realisation for us Christians. The notion of  'spirituality' often evokes images of an arduous and incredibly difficult ascent to the proverbial spiritual mountain-top where we hope to encounter a cloud-enshrouded  God. We may also have an awry impression that the experience entails a masochistic regime of mystical exercises with the purpose of producing spiritual super-athletes.  Fortunately for us 'couch potatoes', the goal of the spiritual journey is definitely not in out-pacing other competitors nor keeping up with a speeding Christ. What comes naturally, however, is not sprinting or running but mere unassuming walking; not behind nor in front, but with Christ side by side. 

To 'Walk' is defined as 'to move on foot at a moderate rate with at least one foot always on the ground'. Two interesting ideas emerge. In the first place, the rhythm that is required is unhurried. Secondly, walking requires at least one foot, at any time,  to be firmly placed on the ground.  Walking with Jesus means travelling with him at a leisurely pace, allowing ourselves to be wholly immersed in his very being. Walking with Jesus does not mean withdrawal from the mundane world; but rather, the need  to re-enter or re-experience it with the hope of authentic Christian transformation.  

So, we invite you to simply put on your walking shoes as you travel through the corridors and by-ways of  adventure and discovery in the following pages. Our wish is that you find true camaraderie with  these fellow travellers. 


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