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Members are recruited as early as the orientation week. Exco members can approach the Orientation Week Committee members incharge to ask for permission to call out Catholic Students. The students names are taken down and the exco will proceed to follow up by meeting the student personally
                            The students will then be given the membership form and invited to a First Year welcoming which will be held at latest the second week after the semester officially commences.

    The CSSUKM Members in the Holy Family Church, Kajang  

The  nomination process to elect the exco members starting from session 1997/98 has been revised to a system whereby a nominee (any one of the CSS members) has to be nominated by a nominator (also any one of the CSS members) and seconded by a seconder (consisting of an exco member from CSS / SCSG or a final year student).
                The nominator has to obtain the consent of the nominee. All three persons i.e. the nominee, the nominator and the seconder has to put his / her signature on the nomination form introduced during the session 96 / 97.

    The Exco Camp in Infant Jesus Convent, Cheras. Are we a crazy bunch or what? :-D  

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