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The following are CSSUKM's objectives:-

  1. To seek out as many Catholic students as possible and introduce them to the family of Catholics in UKM.
      The Lord is my shepherd  
  1. To provide a conducive welcoming environment to enable the members to feel secured and at home especially those who are far away from their hometowns.
    Amen brothers!    
  1. To know the physical and spiritual needs of the members and provide the necessary sessions to facilitate and nurture these needs.
    Pray all of us may succeed in life! :-)  
  1. To build and strenghen Cell Groups in the various 'kamsis' so as to promote stronger and intimate ties among members
    Lamb of God    
  1. To comfort members who are in need mentally and financially as best as we can.
      Have you prayed hard enough? :-)  
  1. To structure the Society's programme in such a way to enable as many members as possible to participate extensively at administrative and leadership levels.
    May Jesus shine our life...    
  1. To cultivate a sense of Christ-centered leadership and wanting to serve among members to ensure that CSSUKM's vision as stated in the Mission Statement will be understood, cherished and passed down to future generations.
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  1. To gear all activities towards achieving the Mission Statement.

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