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Palanca is Spanish for "lever." Just as a lever enables a person to move something that is beyond his/her strength, palanca acts as a lever to assist others in their spiritual journeys. Palanca is intercessory prayer, sacrifice, or works of mercy. We often communicate to others what palanca we are performing on their behalf with a letter of encouragement.

You can offer Palanca Letters, Request Palanca, and Request Prayers under the Palanca tab at the top of this page.

Chapel palanca is being present in the chapel at Cliffview in prayer during the talks given on the weekend. It is one way of offering personal support to the weekend as well as individual team members as they give their rollos. You may volunteer for chapel palanca by emailing Eileen Kelty.

Kitchen Palanca is a great way to lend your time and energy directly to supporting the team and candidates during the weekend. Kitchen palanca involves being present to the team and candidates as quiet servants during meal times. We ask to limit your number of volunteers preparing and/or serving to three or four per meal. Please coordinate with other kitchen palanca teams through the Secretariat’s Palanca Chair, Eileen Kelty. To limit costs, we ask that you provide your own meals, unless fasting. Cliffview will charge additionally for meals taken by those who are not registered for the weekend. Pray and offer sacrifices for the candidates and team fervently and frequently.