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Welcome to our Scrapbook page

Did you attend the recent "Snowflake Ball", sponsored by the Sacred Heart Youth Group? Here's what one attendee thought ...

On Friday, February 10, 2000, the Sacred Heart Youth Group held a Snowflake ball for all high school students. About 65 students attended including their friends from outside the parish. The night included refreshments and entertainment provided by the band, Mile Marker Zero featuring Mark Focarile. Students could be found dancing or just talking with friends. Overall, the night turned out to be a success and will hopefully be repeated in the future!

And a few of the many pictures shot that evening would show that everyone (Even the chaperons) had a good time. Let's see some now.

We can say with certainty that the dance appealed to all ages. Fr. Donnelly stopped by to see how things were going, and found the youngest guest having a wonderful time.

And our thanks go to the many caring adults who gave of their time to make sure the evening ran smoothly and without incident.

One thing you can say, no one should have gone away hungry. There was plenty to satisfy the most discriminating palate.

And the guests took part in that long standing tradition of having their picture taken for posterity.

Can there be too many baloons, or pictures taken around them. Apparently not.

And after all, it is a dance. And what are you supposed to do at a dance? Why, Dance, of course !!