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Welcome to our Good News page

We are looking forward to letting the world know that a lot of good stuff happens, and that not all the young people in the world are crack heads, drunks and crazy drivers. Stay tuned for lots of GOOD NEWS !!

The subway series
This year we had the World Series, nicked named the Subway series, because the two teams the Mets and the Yankees are both a New York City teams. This year's world series was interesting because there was a little bit of fighting. Rodger Clements threw a piece of a bat at Mike Piazza's head. Clemets got fined $50,000. At first the Yankees won the first couple of games, but the third game the mets won. Then the Yankees won the last game and that was the end of the 2000 World Series. Now the Yankees have won 3 World Series strait. Will they win next year?