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Softball 2008


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Greetings Coaches & Sport reps.,

It is that time of the year to bring out the bats, dust off the gloves, and pray for beautiful weather. The Pacco softball season is ready to commence on Sunday, 2/24/08.  If churches / young adult groups are interested in participating in the league; they should contact me via e-mail (paccoevents@gmail.com) or by cell phone 713-263-4357.  This should take place no later than January 31, 2008


There are several important things to be aware of.  The league fees increased to $200.00 / team.  The city of Houston Raised the fees for the use of Cullen Park, as well as the other park facilities. (The city of Houston doesn't raise taxes.  It just creates new fees and increases the existing ones).


The deadline for League fees is 3/30/08. I am very much aware that not all churches are supportive of their young adult groups. PLEASE let me know if you are having difficulties in meeting this deadline.  I can work with you. PLEASE let me know before the deadline - not after the deadline. (I actually had this problem last season.)


There will be a coaches' meeting TBD.  It will be an orientation for new coaches. Rules will be discussed. Primarily a Question & answer period and the 4 strike rule (as proposed by Chris Hale - St. Michael's Saints & Sinners) Any combination of foul balls and / or missed swings = an out.  Championship T-shirts are awarded to the team that wins the tournament.


The tournament will be held at Cullen park on:

Saturday, 5/17/08

Sunday, 5/18/08 


The tournament rules are being updated, and will be available soon.  There are no games scheduled for Easter Sunday or Mother's Day.