***New Updates to Spiritual and Sports links 2/11/08.***


ATTN Young Adult Leaders! PACCO needs you!! Its election time and PACCO is seeking energetic individuals to assist in communication efforts throughout the Arch Diocese. Positions include Spiritual, Sports, Social and Webmaster. If you have a few hours a month to commit to Young Adult involvement, we want you! The positions do not require much time commitment, but do need leaders with a passion for encouraging Young Adult involvement. Please contact Anna Kickirillo at 832-563-9927 for more information.

PACCO was formed in the late 80's to provide social, spiritual, and recreational activities to adults in their 20's through 40's. Today it serves as a vehicle of communication for the many church groups in the Houston area that have these same interests in mind.  Our goal is to unite Catholic young adults throughout Houston and remind them about the one thing that we all have in common, our faith.

PACCO is self-sufficient and does not rely on the Diocese or churches for financial support.  PACCO consists of representatives from Catholic churches throughout Houston, as well as board members dedicated to PACCO. The board members consist of a Chairperson, Treasurer, Athletic Coordinator, Spiritual/Service Coordinator and Social Coordinator. The board members and representatives meet monthly to organize activities for the Houston area. 

Benefit from PACCO in the following ways: 

1) Attend activities sponsored by PACCO such as the athletic leagues and the Christmas Dance. 

2) Meet and socialize with Christian individuals from other member groups in the Diocese of Galveston-Houston. 

3) Attend events sponsored by other member groups that are advertised by PACCO. 

4) Advertise events and activities with PACCO, increasing attendance and monetary proceeds for activities.

Participation by the young adult groups is vital to the success of our organization within the Houston Catholic community.  Local young adult group representation at the monthly meetings ensures the respective group will be involved in the community as well as having a voice in decisions made by the Board.  Meetings are typically at 7pm on the second to the last Tuesday of the month at a local restaurant in the Galleria area.