History of

St. Anne's School

Saint Anne's School was built in 1925. Most Rev. John B. MacGinley in June of 1926, while traveling to the Eucharist Congress in Chicago, met Mother Albertine and Mother Rosario of the Sisters of St. Mary of Namur. While conversing with the sisters on the train, Bishop MacGinley expressed the need of teaching sisters in his diocese. He told the sisters that St. Anne's School in Porterville had been completed but the parish had no sisters to staff the school. After a couple of months of deliberation, the Sisters of St. Mary of Namur agreed to staff the school.

On September 13, 1926, the school opened with an enrollment of twenty-nine pupils, increasing to forty before the year was over. All children were welcome to attend whatever their relgious affiliation. Sister Superior Beatrix, Sister Agatha, Sister St. Clare, Sister St. Anthony, and Sister Mary were the members of the first faculty. The first commencement program was June 3, 1927. Joseph Duggan, Jack Roberts, Alphonse Gagnan, and Walter O'Reilly graduated from the eigth grade. The following year there were eight graduates. Since then, the school has continued to grow.

For many years the first, second, and third grades were in one classroom, the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades in another classroom, and the seventh and eighth grades in another. In September of 1943, there were four classrooms, each containing two grades. Then in September of 1947, children of kindergarten age were admitted and were in the same room with the first graders. The first lay teachers joined the teaching staff in 1956. By 1960, the school enrollment had increased so that it was necessary for each grade to be in a separate classroom.

In 1997 the enrollment was over 200 students and the faculty comprised of nine full-time teachers. Since the opening of St. Anne's School in 1926 at Porterville--nearly 100 sisters have served the school. Enrollment has varied from about 40 students in 1926 to over 300 in 1961; the total number of students taught from 1926 to the present is over 10,000; the total number of graduates from the eighth grade is over 1,200.