Discipline Policies

for St. Anne's School

Good order and self-disciplne by the students are to be expected in every school. The main purpose of good discipline at St. Anne's School is to lead the student to self-control. Self-control on the part of the students is essential to good classroom order. Students are to be courteous at all times in all places. Reasonable quiet, conductive to study and good order is expected of every student. Good classroom discipline is first and foremost the responsibility of the classroom teacher.

Corporal punishment is contrary to Diocesan policy and is not to be used as a means of student control. Emphasis is placed on positive values rather than on punishment. When violations do occur, each one will be dealt with patiently, respecting the personal dignity of the student, the teacher, and all who have been offended by the student's misconduct.

Means of coping with problems situations are: (1) to deny privileges to misbehaving students; (2) to talk to the student in private; (3) to inform parents or guardians; (4) to seek positive help for the student through counseling; and (5) if a student cannot be helped through any of the above means, the principal will follow the procedures for suspension or expulsion.

Explusion, defined as the permanent dismissal of a student from school, will be the decision of the principal in consultation with the pastor. A written report containing reasons for the expulsion will be sent to the students parent(s)/guardian(s) and the Diocesan Superintendent.

Major Offenses Include: