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Faith Basics

Ten Commandments - KASL helps us to remember commandments 5-8; follow the commandments to reach the castle (KASL) of Heaven.  Persons before things helps us remember commandments 9 & 10.
1.  I am the Lord, your God, you shall not have other gods before me.
2.  You shall not take the name of the Lord, your God, in vain.
3.  Remember to keep holy the Lord's day.
4.  Honor your father and your mother.
5. (K) Thou shalt not kill.
6. (A) Thou shalt not commit adultery.
7. (S) Thou shalt not steal.
8. (L) Thou shalt not bear false witness against your neighbor.  (Lie)
9.  Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife. ( people first)
10.  Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's goods.  ( things second)

Sacraments - BE a CHAMP for Jesus
B = Baptism
E = Eucharist
C = Confirmation
H = Holy Orders
A = Anointing of the Sick
M = Matrimony
P = Penance

A. ISAAC helps you remember these special days.
A = Ascension = 40 days after Easter
I = Immaculate Conception = December 8
S = Solemnity of Mary = January 1
A = Assumption = August 15
A = All Saint's Day= November 1
C = Christmas = December 25

Jesus built His church "upon a rock".  We remember His apostles by thinking of a rock band called PB STAMMP & the 4 J's.
P = Peter
B = Bartholomew
S = Simon
T = Thomas
A = Andrew
M = Matthew
M = Matthias ( replaced Judas)
P = Philip
J = James the Greater
J = James the Lesser
J = John
J = Jude

Mysteries of the Rosary
Joyful - Annunciation, Visitation, Birth of Jesus, Presentation in the Temple, Finding Jesus in the Temple
Sorrowful - Agony in the Garden, Scourging at the Pillar, Crowning with Thorns, Carrying the Cross, Crucifixion and Death on the Cross
Luminous - Baptism of Jesus, Wedding Feast at Cana, Proclamation of the kingdom of God with call to conversion ( Ministry of Jesus), Transfiguration, Institution of the Eucharist
Glorious - Resurrection, Ascension, Descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles, Assumption, Coronation of Mary

Facts on Sin
There are two kinds of sin - Original and Actual
Original - sin of Adam and Eve that we cannot commit
Actual - sins we commit after Baptism
There are two kinds of Actual Sin.
Mortal - very serious disobedience of the laws of God; kills the life of God in our soul.
Venial - a less serious disobedience of the laws of God; weakened our soul.

Steps to a Good Confession
1.  THINK of your sins
2.  BE SORRY for your sins (most important)
3.  MAKE UP YOUR MIND not to sin again
4.  TELL your sins to the priest
5.  SAY or DO your penance

Steps to a Good Communion
1.  BE FREE from Mortal Sin
2.  BELIEVE you are really receiving Jesus
3.  OBEY the laws of the Church for receiving Communion (do not eat or drink anything except water for one hour before


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