Sullivan Township, Section 1, Twp 152 R49W NE corner, Polk County

Location – 4 miles south of Tabor, MN, south side of County Road 21

surrounded by 32 evergreen trees


Caretaker – Holy Trinity Catholic Church / Tabor, MN

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The first known cemetery in the Tabor area was known as The Old Settler’s Cemetery.  This was the final resting place for many local pioneers & babies in the early 1880’s & 1900’s.  All the wooden & iron crosses deteriorated over the years.  A deed was found in the courthouse in Crookston, MN transferring the property (three acres) to Holy Trinity Catholic Church back on July 31, 1912 (Bishop Timothy Corbett, Bishop of the Diocese of Crookston, MN).  The property was originally owned by Great Northern Railway Co (1886) and purchased by Joseph & Josephine Eidelbes who donated the land to the church. 


Recently, Holy Trinity Parish took on the project of getting the cemetery restored and updated.  Overseeing the restoration were Father Larry Delaney, pastor; Donald Holy and Jeanne Kotrba.


Weeds were sprayed, dirt was hauled in and leveled, grass cut and evergreen trees trimmed.  All the old monuments and crosses were repaired and straightened.  New grass will be planted in the Spring of 2005.  “Most of the work was done by Donald Holy with some help from Amos Kotrba.  Stennes Funeral Home located in East Grand Forks, will provide a granite marker to identify the cemetery (at cost value) in the Fall of 2005.


New stainless steel crosses were made by Holy with 2 inch wide strips (5’ long & 20” wide) and placed in the ground to mark 75-80 unmarked graves.  The committee is looking for information about descendants who may be buried in this cemetery in one of the unmarked graves.  Anyone with such information is asked to contact Jeanne Kotrba (218-773-1598) or Donald Holy (218-773-1468).  This information would update Holy Trinity’s records as well as records at the Diocese and MN Historical Society.


Marked graves are:

John Brantl – (born 1894) (died 1901)

Katerina Brantl – (born 1822) (died 1902)

Karl Eidelbes (died 1895)

Elizabeth Holy – (born 1813) (died 1937)

Joseph Holy – (born 1868) (died 1909)

Holy – Twins

Katherina Kosanda (1898)

Lena Kosanda (1893)

John Kuzel – (1891)

Frank Michalek (born 1887) (died 1911)

Albina Pulkrabek (1899) 3 week old baby

Henry Pulkrabek (1900) 2 week old baby


According to Tabor parishioners, when the first catholic church was being built near this cemetery, a tornado blew all the rafters down.  Parishioners then decided to rebuild the church four miles north in Tabor.  The present church cemetery is located next to the brick church in Tabor where regular Sunday masses still occur today.  The brick church replaced the original wooden church structure in 1954.