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Mission Statement

    We believe the mission of the Mother of God Church is to gather our community for the worship of God. In addition to the usual and traditional mission of a parish as defined by the Church founded by Jesus Christ, our special mission is to proclaim God's saving Word through prayer and deeds to teach the word of God on all levels in order to deepen it understanding to all men, women, youth and children of the faith community
  • to devote to the presentation of liturgy, the attention its majesty deserves and, through this, to foster the continuation and development of the creative and performing liturgical arts
  • to extend the compassion of Christ to those in need from either material, emotional or spiritual poverty
  • to challenge the presumptions of out culture with a commitment to justice and the innate dignity of all persons
  • and to accomplish all this as faithful followers of the Loving God Who calls us to share His life in wonder and joy.

November 20, 1983

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