St. Anselm of Canterbury Anglican Use Community exists as a small witness to the legitimate diversity which is found in the eternal unity of the Catholic Church. our liturgical life, spirituality, and cultural characteristics provide a setting and atmosphere which many find conducive to their growth in and expression of the Faith. The ecumenical or "outreach" dimension of this vision is to express the eternal truths of the Faith in ways which are more familiar to those from certain backgrounds, more readily enabling them to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church. Also, as a testimony to the broader appeal of the liturgical and cultural life of this Mission, many "Cradle Catholics" may find here a spiritual home and inspiration for the carrying out of their individual apostolates. These tools -- liturgy, spirituality, culture -- are used then in carrying out our mission:

* To welcome as many as possible into the full communion of The Church

* To reconcile those, who have, for whatever reason, wandered away from active life in The Church

* To animate those who comprise the community, so that they might show Christ and His redeeming love in the world.

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