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We hope to add reading material to our library soon.

The Archives

For a number of years, it was the custom of our community to transcribe the conferences given to the community by our spiritual assistant, Fr. William Healy, OCD and place them in a monthly newsletter for those who could not attend the meetings. Recently, Fr. Healy has graciously allowed us to place the conferences on our website archives. The texts available on this site were taken directly from the transcripts prepared for the newsletter by the webmaster over the course of many years. Some comments pertaining to community life have been retained in the interest of historical accuracy, although a few personal remarks have been edited out. The texts were prepared from audio tape recordings made by a member of our community (most often, Ruth Sutton). The early transcripts have rhetorical remarks noted (laughter, etc.); later transcripts have been better edited. In any event, any errors in typing are entirely the responsibility of the transcriber (please, notify the webmaster). The version presented here is in a simple HTML format so as to be readable by as many different types of browsers as possible.

Although most of the conferences were transcribed, the disc versions have been misplaced in some cases. The conferences are presented in chronological order from the available disc files. All of the conferences exist in hard copy format from the newsletter and those that are not available on disc will be added as time for re-typing permits. The historical archive runs from September, 1990 to February, 1995. In addition, current conferences will be added to the newsletter portion of the web site as they become available.

The transcripts are copyright, 2001, Columbus, OCDS Community. Please, do not make hardcopies without permission.

Conferences by Fr. William Healy, OCD, to OCDS community, Columbus, Ohio