Welcome to The Young Saints Club! Remember to pray the Rosary each day, especially during May, the month of Mary, Help of Christians.


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On Sunday, May 31, we will celebrate the great feast of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit came down upon Mary and the Apostles. This happened ten days after the Ascension of Jesus into heaven. Before Pentecost the Apostles were afraid and unsure of what to do. After the Holy Spirit filled them all at Pentecost, they were filled with courage and wisdom! This was the birth of the Catholic Church. Catholic means “universal”, which means it’s for everyone and God called the Apostles to preach about Jesus to the whole world!

How about celebrating the Church’s birthday in a special way this year by telling someone about our Catholic Faith. You might even make a birthday cake and invite people over to celebrate this great feast! Make it a special celebration!


Just as the Holy Spirit came upon the Apostles in the form of tongues of fire, God would sometimes use flames to show St. John Bosco which of his students were called to be priests! While hearing the confessions of his students he would sometimes see flames on the candles in front of the statue of Mary leave the candles and start floating around the room! After a short while they would settle over those boys called to be priests. Time after time this proved to be true. You might not see a flame over your head but perhaps God is calling you to be a priest or Sister, too. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you know what He wants to do in your life and how you can best serve Him.


Can a teenager become a saint? Some people may doubt it but Dominic Savio proved it’s possible. Dominic, patron saint of boys, was only fourteen years old when he died. That makes him the youngest canonized saint (except for martyrs)! He is a saint that young boys and teenagers can look up to and try to imitate. If he became a saint, why can’t I? Well, everyone can and everyone should. God made us to know Him, love Him, serve Him. If we do so, God will reward us with the joys of heaven forever, with Dominic Savio, Our Blessed Mother, and all the angels and saints!

When Dominic was thirteen years old Our Blessed Mother appeared to him and told him his mother was very ill. Dominic was living at St. John Bosco’s school at the time and didn’t hear much news from home. He hurried home and found his mother in bed with a high fever, just as Mary had told him. Dominic gave his mother a kiss and placed a Green Scapular of Our Lady around her neck. As soon as Dominic headed back to school his mother’s fever left her and she was completely cured! A scapular is a sacramental, which is something we can make good use of during our journey to heaven. See The Question Box for more information about sacramentals. May we always love and honor our parents as Dominic Savio did. St. Dominic Savio, help us to be holy like you and may we join you in the glory of heaven one day.


”He who walks honestly walks securely, but he whose ways are crooked will fare badly.” Proverbs 10:9

The Lord tells us, in the 8th Commandment, that we are to be honest and in the 7th Commandment that we are not to steal, including someone else’s answers on a test. Pope John Paul II tells young people: The Church needs you. The world needs you, because it needs Christ, and you belong to Christ. Help to spread the Gospel by your words, and above all, by the example of your lives. You do this by praying, and by being just and honest and pure. You are called to proclaim, by the conduct of your daily lives, that you really do believe that Jesus Christ is Lord!”

Lord Jesus, help me to be honest when I am tempted to cheat. Help me to show by my honesty that I really do believe in Jesus and that He is the Lord of my life. Amen.



QUESTION: My name is Chris and I’m 14. I know about the seven sacraments but what is a sacramental?

ANSWER: Chris, sacramentals are holy things (like medals, rosaries, statues, Brown Scapulars, holy water, etc.) or holy actions (such as the blessing of a priest or bishop) which obtain grace and temporal favors for us from God through the prayers of the Church. Holy things become sacramentals after a priest or bishop blesses them. One sacramental we should use every time we enter or leave a church is holy water. It should remind us of our Baptism and is a powerful weapon against evil. When we use or wear sacramentals with the right disposition we can receive many benefits. These benefits include: an increase of God’s life in us (actual grace), the forgiveness of venial sins, protection from evil spirits, the taking away of temporal punishment due to sin, and other blessings of body and soul! What great gifts from our loving Father! We must be careful, however, not to treat sacramentals as good luck charms. That would be superstitious and sinful. Instead, sacramentals should be used with faith, love, and with full knowledge that all blessings and grace come from God alone.

Let’s make good use of sacramentals since they can help us grow in holiness, which should be the goal of our lives. Let’s especially make use of the Rosary during this month of Mary.


John Bosco’s first vision from heaven occurred when he was only nine years old! He saw himself in a large field with a group of boys who were playing and laughing. But some of the boys started using filthy language. When John heard them he ran at them with his fists flying and he shouted at them to stop! At that moment Jesus appeared and He told John: “You will have to make friends with these boys with kindness- not by hitting them. Show them the beauty of goodness and the ugliness of sin.”

Our Blessed Mother then appeared and took John’s hand. When he looked back at the boys again they had all turned into wild animals! Mary told John: “This is where you must work. What you see happen to these animals you will have to do for my children.” John looked again and the wild animals had all turned into gentle lambs! The vision ended and in time John understood that he was being called to be a priest who would help young people. What is God calling you to do in life?


The Rosary is a special prayer that we should say each day.

It honors Holy Mary and helps us on our way.

It leads us into mysteries where we can learn so much.

About Our Blessed Mother and her Son who died for us.

It only takes a short time to say Our Lady’s prayer.

But it should help us focus on the life of Christ found there.

In glory, joy, and sorrow Jesus gave us all His love.

Let’s pray we get to heaven to be with Him up above.


June 19 is the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the whole month of June is dedicated to meditating on the love of that Sacred Heart. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is a symbol of the unconditional love of Jesus for each of us. As you might recall, when Jesus died on the Cross a soldier took a spear and pierced the Heart of Jesus. Jesus then gave up the last drops of His Sacred Blood for us to show us that His love for us has no limits.

Jesus appeared to St. Margaret Mary and asked that people display an image of Him and His Sacred Heart in their homes. He showed her His Heart and said: “Look at this Heart that has loved men so much and is loved so little in return.” As a sign of our love for Jesus He asks that we receive Holy Communion on the first Friday of at least nine months in a row to make reparation for sins against His love.

Let’s tell Jesus often how much we love Him and show it by the way we live. It makes Jesus so happy when we receive Him in Holy Communion! Let’s never miss Holy Mass and Communion on Sundays and Holy Days and perhaps we can show Jesus our love by receiving Him even more often, especially on the first Friday of each month. O Sacred Heart of Jesus, thank you for Your unconditional love!”


CIRCLE EVERY THIRD LETTER, STARTING WITH THE FIRST, TO SOLVE THE THOUGHT FOR THE MONTH FROM ST. FRANCIS DE SALES. SOLVE THE PUZZLE! Circle every third letter, starting with the first, to solve the thought for the month from St. Francis De Sales.

E D F V R Y E J K R L O Y Q W V R U I R U C T I T C V O N K R E R Y Y U O E F V Y U E K J R Q A T W E E W S M W S P E D T E R A E F T T Y I G H O N B N V C I S E S W D L E R I T H K Y J E M L A M L N M L O I O T L I H U J E K I R L O P P L R E F E G H C T G I R R O T T U E E S D F G D D E D D M W D A T S D C C D F F E G G D T H T J K O L K Y H J O T H U D G R E J C H J R H L O S D W N M N H E I G J N R G H D F E S D A F M V E F E G H N.



This is the story of an amazing priest who was given the gift of the wounds of Jesus for fifty years! His name was Blessed Padre Pio (“Padre” means Father). When Father Pio was about thirty years old the wounds Jesus suffered on the Cross appeared on Father Pio’s hands, feet, and side! These wounds are called the stigmata. Some other saints have had the stigmata, too, such as St. Francis of Assisi. Padre Pio accepted this suffering as a gift from the Lord, to help show people what Jesus suffered for us to make up for our sins.

God gave Padre Pio other special gifts, too. One such gift, which St. John Bosco received also, is bi-location. This means he could sometimes be in two places at the same time! Blessed Pio also had the gifts of healing, prophecy, and speaking in other languages. Another remarkable gift was that of knowing the sins of people. He used this special gift in helping people make a good confession.

Padre Pio loved his guardian angel very much and prayed for his angel’s help every day. He also had a great devotion to St. Michael the Archangel,,/b> the leader of the angels that remained faithful to God. Padre Pio loved the pope very much, too. He knew that Jesus had chosen Peter to be the first head of His Church, the first pope. Paul VI was pope during Blessed Pio’s last years and it made him very sad to see that some Catholics wouldn’t follow the teachings of Jesus as taught by Our Holy Father.

Let’s call on the intercession of Blessed Padre Pio to help us grow in holiness. May we someday join him and all the saints and angels in the glory of heaven!


1. Dominic Savio’s mother was cured when her son placed one of these around her neck.

6. Padre Pio was devoted to this great archangel.

9. Jesus appeared to her with His Sacred Heart.

10. Mary has asked us to pray this each day.


1. Holy things or actions which obtain grace and favors.

2. To make up for sins, as Jesus asked by First Fridays.

3. The birthday of the Church.

4. The Body and Blood of Jesus under the form of bread and wine.

5. The symbol of the unlimited love of Jesus for us.

7. The Third Person of the Trinity, who came down upon Mary and the Apostles at Pentecost.

8. The priest who received the wounds (stigmata) of Jesus for fifty years.



















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