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From Easter to Pentecost!

Does it seem like Easter was just a few weeks ago? And Lent was just a little while before that! The time has just flown by and I wonder if Iíve paid as much attention to God as I have to so many other things that fill my busy life.

Easter is the Churchís highest of Holy Days, it calls us to be aware of the miracle of Resurrection! Now, during the 40 days until Pentecost, we look around us and see the miracle of spring and shake off the laziness of winter!

I like to look back to the beginning of Lent to see how far Iíve come. Did you set any goals for yourself in Lent? I did. How well did you accomplish them? Some I did really well with, others, not so good!

Itís been so long since the beginning of Lent and the world looks really different! People are out walking and kids are playing soccer & baseball everywhere I look! Right outside my office window at St Joeís, Albion is a beautiful rose garden. Itís well cared for, weeded, pruned, watered & fed.

God clearly cares more for us than for flowers, so what have we done to "weed & feed" our spirit? What "weeds" have taken root in my heart? How can I "water & feed" my soul so that I can be the person that God wants me to be?

Athletes train hard to learn new skills and perfect old ones. As we get closer to the celebration of Pentecost, we can ask the Holy Spirit to give us that "extra boost" so that we can meet our spiritual goals as well as our physical ones.

St Paul reminds us that weíre reaching for a prize that wonít ever fade away! How can we find the energy and the motivation to "stay on track"? What do you do to discipline yourself and allow the Holy Spirit to work in your life? You can post your ideas on our website, and see what ideas other folks have too. Visit


Now Thatís a Good Question!

Communication is the lifeblood of any relationship. But communication requires talking - something that may be difficult for parents and teenagers. Get the words flowing with these creative questions from Pepper Schwartzís book, 201 Questions to Ask Your Parents/Kids (Avon Books).

Questions for Parents to Ask Kids:

1. What have you seen in a movie that youíve copied?

2. Have I ever not noticed that you were sad or excited? What signs should I look for so it doesnít happen again?

3. Who are you most like in our family (both looks & behavior)?

4. Do you ever pretend to understand something you really donít? What is it & why do you pretend?

Questions for Kids to Ask Parents:

1. Have you ever been really proud of me? When & why?

2 Did you ever give up a sport or an instrument? What was it and why did you give it up? Did you regret it?

3. What about your childhood would you like me to experience? What would you most like me to avoid?

4. Name two of your best friends. Why are they good friends?


A Story of a SEARCHERÖ

   I didn't know quite what to expect as I walked up to the huge mansion that is the St. Columban Center. I had heard a little about SEARCH weekends, but all I knew was that I was coming here by myself, without a group, and I was nervous.

   I entered through the doors and was greeted by a friendly staff. Finally, a face I recognize, I thought, as I saw Meghan from Albion. I didn't know her very well, but I knew her better than I knew any of the other strange faces I saw around me. I hung around, until an enthusiastic hand was pushed towards me.

    "Hi, Megan! I'm Kathy Reilly. I'll show you where you are staying." I was lead through hallways and upstairs to another long hallway. There were many doors on each side, each door having a paper bag with a name written on it. Kathy led us to mine and opened the door. The room was small and private. It had a single bed, a sink, a chair, and a desk with a Bible on it. A bathroom connected my room to the room next door. I went downstairs and was encountered with a game of charades, which was started to help pass time as we waited for the other SEARCHers.


    When everyone arrived, we started with some interesting icebreakers, which not only allowed everyone to get acquainted but also taught us a good lesson on why it is important to listen to everyone this weekend and not "walk away." We did many other activities throughout the weekend, which I am not going to go into detail about. There is a reason for my madness.
SEARCHers should go to SEARCH not knowing what to expect. It heightens the experience and allows you to describe on your own what happened. My account of what happened and someone else's from the same weekend will be completely different because different situations and people touched us in different ways.


    The most important aspect for me at SEARCH was the stories. Everyone has a different story, yet some were so similar to my own. I even found out that I had a story of my own and that I can help people make sense or sort out their story, and vice versa. In the beginning of SEARCH, I looked around the room and thought, "Everyone looks so normal, what can they possibly share with me, and what can I possibly share with them?" I was amazed to find out the answer to that question.


   What did I learn from SEARCH? There are few answers, and the answers you do find lead to more questions. Even God is not an answer. For an answer implies an end, a finality. God is endless and eternal. Our search to be more like God should always reflect that.

~Megan K. Suflita St. Mark, Kendall


To find out more about SEARCH visit




Have you ever been told that youíre a Leader?

Then Young Disciples in the Lead (at St Mary, Medina, June 10th 9 am to 4 pm) is the day for you! Youíve heard them say, "Young people are the hope for tomorrow", but in fact Young People are the Leaders of TODAY! Teens are using their skills and bringing their enthusiasm a NEW and DYNAMIC way!  This is not just for "churchy kids" itís great for everybody! You will learn leadership skills, group dynamics and more.

You will discover

prayer that fits your life,

the call to leadership and

your personal gifts!


Contact your Religious Ed Director by June 6th!to sign up for Young Disciples in the Lead!


Upcoming Events



2 St Mary, Holley/St Mark, Kendall Combined Yard & Craft Sale (Chicken B-B-Q too!)

7 Diocesan Youth Liturgy to thank all Youth Board members and all parish Youth Group Leaders

8 Catholic Youth Night at the Bison's

9 Albion Strawberry Festival

10 Young Disciples in the Lead training program 9 am - 4 pm St Mary, Medina

12 World Youth Sunday meeting in Buffalo (for Young Adults)

15 St Joe, Albion Junior High Ice Cream Social

14-21 Regents Exams (pray for our scholars!)

16-17 Vicariate-Wide Junior High Camp Out Tentative Date

17 Father's Day 

22 Graduation Ceremonies for Albion, Kendall, Lyndonville and Medina High Schools

23 Graduation Ceremonies for Holley HS

23-29 Christian Leadership Institute Diocesan Leadership Training Program


4th Independence Day


15 Summer Social @ Sacred Heart, Medina

16-20 Young Disciples in Action week of service here in Orleans County


10 Diocesan Mid-Summer Charity Ball

26 St Joe, Albion Lawn Fete


2 St Rocco Italian Festival (to benefit St Rocco & St Mary, Holley)

16 Diocesan "Lights for the World" program (focuses on helping to develop parish youth groups)


Young Disciples in ACTION!

Action! Action! Action! Thatís what many people focus on when it comes to serving the poor & needy. Letís go, letís do, and letís attack the problem! But sometimes the "problems" are pretty big, and wonít just go away with quick fixes.

Young people can understand what "Justice" means and whatís going on right here in our own County to help the poor, the suffering and the disadvantaged.

 Young Disciples in Action is a weeklong program for middle & high schoolers in Orleans County July 16th -20th, from 10 am to 4 pm. Young people will begin each morning at St Joe, Albion, and move to nearby worksites in the afternoon, returning to St Joe at the end of each day. A simple lunch will be provided.

It will be an exciting week of engaging our heads, hearts and hands! Learning sessions are energetic and grab your attention and your heart! Service sessions in the afternoon will help you to see how your local community does Godís work and how you can make a difference! Participants should be going into 7th to 11th grades, but need not be a member of one of the Vicariate Catholic Faith communities. T

he cost will be $10 per person whether you participate in one day or all five days. Pre-registration is required so that we can arrange adequate transportation. If you have ideas for local direct service opportunities, a witness speaker, or can provide transportation to & from service events in the afternoons, please contact the Vicariate Youth Ministry Office, 589-1850. Watch bulletins for sign up information


World Youth Day in Toronto July 2002

Well theyíre calling it "World Youth Day", but itís a week, not a day and it is targeted at Young Adults, not what we consider "Youth" at all! At least they got the "World" part right! Young Adults from all over the globe will be gathering in Toronto July of 2002!

At WYD 2002, pilgrims will also have the chance to:

meet people from 150 countries who share the same faith but live it in different cultures and circumstances
enjoy themselves through an extensive entertainment program
deepen their understanding of their faith through religious instruction sessions and the chance to attend Mass and to go to confession
experience the kindness of their Canadian hosts, in the homes of the Catholic families who will receive them as well as from Canadians of all religions

If you are interested in attending World Youth Day, please plan to attend an informational meeting at the Diocesan Youth Dept June 12 at 7 pm. Call the Vicariate Youth Ministry office for more info


Prayers for School & Sports

The Lord is my soccer coach; I get put into the game as much as I need. He lets me rest on the sidelines of the field. He gives me the strategy to score a goal. He guides me past the defensemen, as he promised. Even when I play in the dark of night, I wonít be afraid, for you are with me. Your guiding hand and positioning protect and comfort me. You give me strength when I play in the game of life and the other team is bigger. You welcome me at practice and fill me up with hope when Iím afraid. I know your helpfulness and love will be with me all my life and your field will be my practice area as long as I live. By Jason, OLPH, Holyoke, MA

Dear God, only months left until I graduate. My teachers, my parents, everyone, tells me I should be making choices that will affect my whole lifeÖthat these are some of the most important decisions I will ever makeÖ and I canít even decide what TV shows to watch or if I like chocolate or plain milk better! There are so many decisions to make! Itís overwhelming. Please, send me a sign. Help me to discover your plan for me. Guide me toward the person you want me to become, give me the courage I need. By K. C., Rosary HS, Aurora

God, help me understand myself a little bit better. Help me to cope with the things in life that are important to me. My life can be stressful if I donít take it one step at a time, but I know youíll give me the strength to survive. I know with your help it will be possible. -YoKatty Hernandez, St Mary HS, Jersey City, NJ