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Leaving us so soon?  :D Check out these cool websites.

Barb's All-time Favorite Site!
Disciplesnow it's a website created especially for Catholic Teens






Sites for Catholic Teens

Buffalo Diocesan Youth Department

Catholicsites - Jokes




Catholic/Christian Information Sites

The Vatican  yes, that Vatican!

Catholicnews  THE official site to get news on Catholic issues, people, etc.

Fr. Baker Homepage  

    (Father Baker was a priest from the Buffalo Diocese who is being considered for sainthood by the Vatican ~ read more about it!)

Saintsnames        yours, mine, anybody's!

RCNet- A Catholic Network

Bible Gateway  need to find a bible verse in a hurry?  a place that hosts parish websites for free!

Future Church

God's Yellow Pages            Need to find a Bible verse when you're angry or sad or confused or...

Catholic Apologetics Web Page



Social Justice Sites

ALTERNATIVES for Simple Living Home Page


Catholic Relief Services

The Hunger Site

Free The Children International


The Rainforest Site


The Heifer Site   learn how YOU can donate a cow to a needy person!

Results  when it comes to Social Justice, these folks don't waste your time!

Other Stuff  - mostly cool anti-smoking sites

Kickbutts Day

The Truth

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