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2,186 Teens,
7 Parishes, 4 Pastors, 
One Vicariate

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Hey Youth! What's up? This is our web page!  It's about us, our faith, and stuff we like.  Look around, ask questions, e-mail us, but most of all have fun!



     Read your Bible! 


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Welcome to Our Parishes!

From East to West we cover all of Orleans County, NY 

Wonder what a Vicariate is??  It's a piece of a Diocese!  The Buffalo Diocese goes from our own Kendall, NY all the way down to Pennsylvania, and west over to Ohio.  There are 16 Vicariates in the Diocese and we're the one in the northwest corner of the Diocese! 


St Mark, Kendall 16789 Kenmore Rd Kendall, NY 14476 (office at St Mary Holley) 659-8631
St Mark Website

Fr. Joe Kozlowski – Pastor  
Sister Mary Anne Rapp, OSF Pastoral Associate

St Mary, Holley 11 S. Main St. Holley, NY 14470 638-6718
St Mary, Holley Website

Fr. Joe Kozlowski – Pastor  
Mrs. Jean Mullins, Pastoral Minister  638-6027  

St Joe’s, Albion 106 S. Main St. Albion, NY 14411  589-4243 

Fr Dick Csizmar – Pastor  
Mrs. Carol Pilon - Religious Ed Coordinator 589-4492

St Mary’s Assumption, Albion (office at St Joe, Albion) 
St Mary's Assumption, Albion Website

47 Brown St. Albion, NY 14411  589-4243
Fr. Dick Csizmar – Pastor

St Mary, Medina

211 Eagle St. Medina, NY 14103 798-0112 
Fr. Paul Whitney – Pastor 
Mrs. Mary Lee Knights, Religious Ed Coordinator 798-5399

Sacred Heart, Medina

208 Ann St., Medina, NY 14103 798-0356
Fr. Joe Fifagrowicz – Pastor 
Sister Presentia – Pastoral Associate

St Joe’s, Lyndonville

38 Lake St. Lyndonville, NY 14098 (office at Sacred  Heart, Medina) 765-9722 
Fr. Joe Fifagrowicz – Pastor 
Mrs. Mary Joan Heinsler – Religious Ed Coordinator

Orleans County Vicariate Youth Ministry

106 S. Main St., Albion, NY 14411  589-1850 
email: OCyth4God@eznet.net
Mrs. Barb Legere, Coordinator


Call Churches for Mass times. You are always welcome in our parishes!



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