Evangelization Committee

Disciples In Mission

Two thousand years ago, the people who followed Jesus had an amazing spiritual
awakening. They saw God's love when Jesus heald the sick and forgave sinners.
They looked for the coming of God's kingdom when He preached, and they learned from Him to call God ABBA, Father. Jesus told his disciples:
"Go therefore, and make disciples so all people may find the fullness of life in Christ."

Disciples In Mission offers a way for people to experience a deepening of their faith. It provides a way for people to grow as dedicated disiples of Jesus through our involvement as a parish community in Disciples In Mission we will become more committed disciples of Jesus and, as we grow together, we will learn daily how to share His Good News with all whom we meet.

"A Prayer For Disciples In Mission"

Father, grant that we as your son's disciples
May be purified and, knowledge our fails,
live as one, that the world may believe. May dialogue among the followers of the great religions expand. May all people discover the joy of being your children.

Father, grant that we may live this Jubilee Year following the voice of the spirit, faithful to the way of Christ, diligent in listening to Your Word and in approaching You, the Giver of all graces. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

Adaptation of John Paul II Prayer
For the Jubilee Year 2000

Archdiocese of Philadelphia
Year I