We believe that St. Frances Cabrini has a religious and academic purpose, two aspects of a single environment.  The religious purpose of St. Frances Cabrini is to teach and live as Jesus did in work, worship, community, and service.  The academic purpose is to develop personal values and thinking processes which will enable our students to adapt to a changing society.
The education of our future Christian adults is a very important service to the community.  Recognizing that the parents are the primary educators, the faculty of St. Frances Cabrini School believes it is responsible for the continuing development of each child, including the spiritual, physical, emotional, cultural, intellectual, and moral aspects of the individual personality.
Recognizing the individual needs, feelings, and talents of each child, the school curriculum is designed with the intention of developing potentials for creative thinking, articulate leadership, and responsibility.  Learning to get along with others for the mutual benefit of all is a key concept at St. Frances Cabrini School.
The faculty agrees that the Catholic School classroom is an environment conducive to personal growth.  The example of concern between adults and students, and adults among themselves, will be reflected in the children's dealings with each other, inside and outside the classroom.
Thus, we believe that the above criteria are evaluative tools.  These criteria are related to the staff, religious and academic formation, community, social ministries and worship, all essential for the quality of St. Frances Cabrini School.