The Seventh and Eighth Grades have been very busy at work this trimester.  Throughout the trimester, various projects have been completed to represent our understanding of the material presented as well as a way to express our devotion to our faith.
The Seventh Grade has been studying the area of the New Testament.  To present the understanding of the composition of the New Testament, the students created billboards with slogans to encourage people to read the Gospels.  Attached to the billboard was an original essay explaining why the Gospels should be read, how the Gospels affect their lives, and the way in which it strengthens their faith.
When people of faith come to the Bible, they come face-to-face with the Divine Word of God.  In Scripture, we find strength and nourishment from God.  Through the Bible writings, God, the Father in heaven, meets his children and talks with them.  It is through these scriptures that we come to know and love God.
The writings of the Bible are important because they teach os about our faith.  The Bible is divided into the Old and New Testaments.  They both come from God and explain the lived experience to God's people.  The Bible writings give us sublime messages from God through these scriptures.  All scripture has been inspired by God so that these writings may teach us what God wants us to know.  God is the author of these sacred scriptures, and through the human authors, His writings give us the assurance that we will be taught His "saving truth."  
The Bible writings express the full revelation of Jesus; because, the fullness of God comes to us through Jesus, His son.  Jesus is " word made flesh."  God reveals himself to us through Jesus.  The writings are based on the ministry of Jesus and what He taught.  The writings not only tell the story of Jesus, but also proclaim in faith, what Jesus did for the world.  Through the writings of Jesus, we are able to see our God who loves us.
The Gospel is the "good news" about Jesus.  These readings influence my life to carry out the teachings of Jesus and to live the laws of our Christian faith.  The written word of God is powerful and has changed people's lives for centuries.  The Gospels influence me to choose right from wrong in my daily life.  The Gospels help me to put others first in my life.  The parables help me to see and compare things about life in a whole new way.  They influence me to question things in my life so that I can learn to be a better follower of Jesus.
The Bible gives us a true message of God.  We follow this message to become a true Christian.  These writings help those who hear the message to make a commitment to change their lives.  As Paul wrote, "Conduct yourselves in a way worthy of the Gospel of Christ."
Marissa - Grade 7
The Bible is a book filled with the teachings of God and Jesus.  These teachings are told through mainly stories and parables that give us a lesson.  There are 73 books in the Bible altogether, but they are separated into two sections, the Old Testament and the New Testament.  The Gospels, written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, are part of the New Testament.  They tell about Jesus' life, death, and resurrection.
The writings of the Bible are important because they help our knowledge of Catholicism grow.  They help us understand the ways of Jesus and God.  The writings also guide us through life, giving us lessons on how to become better Catholics as we grow older.  The writings, in which Godand humans are the authors of, are full of wisdom and understanding about our Catholic faith.
The Gospels express the full revelation of Jesus because each Gospel is written differently, so you get to read each writers point of view.  Although they are written by different people, they tell the same thing and give out the same messages.  The Gospels tell the details of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection.  They give out the messages of how Jesus and God want us to live.
Reading the Gospels influences my life because by being Catholic, they set an important example for me.  They help me to learn and grow with Jesus Christ.  They influence me to become a better Catholic, to become more like Jesus.  Every week, when I go to mass, and read the Gospel, I always get a helpful lesson from it.  I try to find the meaning of the lesson, and when I eventually do, I use it to guide me through my daily life.  Whenever I read the Gospels, they fill me with a sense of calmness, and I try to unleash it to others around me by acting as Jesus would.  These are all the ways the Gospels influence me and my life.
In conclusion, I would like to say that the Gospels are one of the most important writings of the Bible.  They have influenced people, and taught me many worthwhile lessons.  I believe all Catholics should at least try to to follow the Gospels.  They will be able to understand their faith better.  I know I do.
Danielle - Grade 7
The Eighth Grade has been studying the area of Creed, or various beliefs.  The area most recently focused on was Faith.  Each student was to create a gift of faith.  The students decorated a box, as if it were a present, included a symbol that represented their faith, and an original essay.  The essay included the explanation of the symbol of their faith, how their faith has been strengthened since their confirmation, and the ways in which faith makes them the person they are.
According to Webster's dictionary, faith is (1) unquestioning belief that does not require proof or evidence (2) unquestioning belief in God, religious tenets, etc. (3) a religion or system of religious beliefs (4) anything believed (5) complete trust, confidence, or reliance (6) allegiance to some person or thing; loyalty.
To me, faith is believing in something even if you can't see it or have no proof of its existence.  Faith is trusting in what you can't see but know is there.  Faith is unquestionable, trusting, reliant, and loyal.  Faith is a powerful gift that must be treasured.  Faith helps us to grow strong and holy.
Faith makes me the person I am by helping me to live my life according to God's will.  It does this by guiding me through all the crossroads in my life.  It helps me to get through the hard times by helping me believe that God is with me.  We can't see faith, but we know it is there.  We know it is there because we trust and believe that it is there just like we trust and believe God is there.  Faith also makes me the person I am by helping me choose right from wrong, good from bad, and just from unjust.  Faith is precious because it helps us to grow up into virtuous people who have faith in God and all His teachings.
My faith has grown since Confirmation.  Now, I have the Holy Spirit guiding me through life.  When the Holy Spirit came upon me, my faith grew stronger.  I began to have a firmer belief in God, the Church, and all the teachings.  Faith is priceless because you can't put a price on something you righteously believe in.
The symbols in my box represent the great faith that I have.  My symbols are three candles.  The flames atop these candles burn just as the flames atop the disciples' heads burned.  This flame represents the great faith by showing that our faith never burns out.  As long as we live, we will always have faith.  When I see the flame atop the candle, I think of the day the Holy Spirit came to the disciples.  I believe that there is a flame burning above each and everyone of our heads, and it will never burn out.  I feel that these candles represent my faith the most because my faith is always alive and dancing just as the flame of the candle.
I believe that faith is a great gift.  I also believe that I will always have great faith in God and everything about Him.  Faith is unquestionable, trusting, loyal, and always on fire.
Dana - Grade 8
Recently, the fourth grade wrote Haiku poems for a contest sponsored by the Brooklyn Reading Council.  As you can see, the fourth grade really likes to read.
Books are fun to read
You can go to fun places
I like to read books
Margaret - Grade 4
Books are exciting.
You can learn and travel too.
Read one and be smart.
Sabrina - Grade 4
Books help people learn
They give us information
Books are a great source
Christopher - Grade 4
John - Grade 4