Social Justice

This working group seeks to live our faith through the promotion of justice in our neighborhood, our church and the broader world.
Some ways parishioners are invited to put this into action include:  

Summer Neighborhood Walks – Several evenings a month, groups of parishioners have either walked the neighborhoods around St. Mary of the Angels, talking with neighbors and lending a sense of community to an area often beset by fear and despair or stood as visible, silent witnesses for peace in front of the parish house on the corner of Walnut & Columbus with banners, distributing handouts to passing cars and pedestrians.

Workshops and Speakers – on issues such as economic disparities, energy conservation, global health and struggles close to home or as far away as Uganda. 

Food Pantry – operates Wednesday nights at St. Mary’s providing wholesome and nutritious food from the Greater Boston Food Bank and parishioner donations to residents of the parish who are in need.

Website – - developed, updated, and maintained by volunteers.

Walk for Hunger –Parishioners participate in this annual walk through Boston and surrounding communities to benefit food programs in the greater Boston area.

Fair Trade Products - seasonal sales of coffee, tea, cocoa, nuts, and chocolate bars after Masses and special events. Sale of these products benefits small farmers in countries such as the Dominican Republic, Mexico, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Colombia and a portion of the purchases goes to support parish activities. 

HIV/AIDS and Healthcare – awareness and advocacy to promote justice in health through films, vigils, and guest speakers.

Outreach – to our neighbors through participation in their events and activities, or through invitation to gatherings in our own church, parish center or front yard.  

For additional information on these activities contact:
Diana Gaillardetz (diana.gaillardetz @



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Walk for Hunger

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