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Emmanuel honors Fr. Dave

Peace and Justice Pax Christi USA Posibilidad Catholics for an end to the war in Iraq Network, a national Catholic social justice lobby School of the Americas Watch Religious Working Group on the World Bank and IMF Interfaith Working Group on Trade and Investment

Immigration  ALPHA: Alcanzando Logros Para Hispanos Ahora CENTRO PRESENTE (spanish and english) Institute on Migration Culture & Ministry (Article on SMA Equipo Latino Ignaciano) Justice For Immigrants ALIANZA HISPANA (spanish and english: still under construction) MIRA: Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition and english) (NALACC: National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities ) (Alianza Nacional de Comunidades Caribeñas y Latinoamericanas ), but is the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States) (NCLR: The National Council of La Raza)

USA and Beyond Best Catholic Colleges Quixote Center Justice For Immigrants Beyond Borders Confraternity of St. James
SMA in USA Today!

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Spiritual Resources     Reflexionando la Palabra por Fabricio Alana Sojourner Magazine America Magazine Massachusetts Bible Society Daily prayer from the Irish Jesuits Rezo diario de los Jesuítas irlandeses

Neighborhood/City Boston Public Library biblioteca pública de Boston Greater Boson Food Bank Stability through Action in our Community– Egleston Sq. Peace Garden, home ownership and foreclosure prevention,
GED etc.  Action for Boston Community Development  asistencia de combustible
ABCD Museum of Science Notre Dame Education Center, South Boston – Classes in ESL
Citizenship, GED

En Espanol Institute on Migration Culture & Ministry (Jesuit) Article on SMA Equipo Latino Ignaciano Rezo diario de los Jesuits irlandeses biblioteca pública de Boston asistencia de
combustible ABCD (spanish and english) (CENTRO PRESENTE) (spanish and english: still under construction) (LA ALIANZA HISPANA) (spanish) (ALPHA: Alcanzando Logros Para Hispanos Ahora) (spanish and english) (NALACC: National Alliance of Latin
American and Caribbean Communities ) (Alianza Nacional de Comunidades Caribeñas y Latinoamericanas ) 


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