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Holy Family Religious Education Center - Sacrament Information



September 9, 2016


Dear Parent of a Holy Family Student:


Thank you for registering your child(ren) for Religious Education Classes at the Holy Family Center.  Opening classes begin on Saturday, October 13th.  Please refer to the calendar for your child’s appropriate time.


The following contains important information regarding Holy Family Center Policies:

Regarding the Holy Family Center's Snow and Storm Policy:

(1) On a weekday, if public schools in the city of Boston are canceled for the day, or if children are sent home early due to snow or storm conditions, THERE WILL BE NO CCD CLASSES.  Whenever possible, we participate in School Closings listed with Channel 7.


(2) If If there is ever a threat of a bad storm or severe snow predicted for late afternoon or evening, the Holy Family Center may have to cancel CCD Classes even though school may have already been in session.  In cases such as these, we will make every effort to contact you ahead of time.  It is for this reason that it is most important that we have accurate phone numbers of where you can be reached during the day.  You can also call the center’s answering machine, which would state if there would be any cancellation of classes for that day.


(3) If CCD were to be canceled on a weekend, we will make every effort to contact you ahead of time by telephone.  Again, this is why it is most important that you keep the Center updated with your current telephone number.  Sadly, the TV Stations usually do not accept cancellation listings on the weekend.


(4) There are also those times when unique situations occur. (flooding, loss of electricity or heat, etc.) In cases such as these, a sign would be posted on our front door stating that we are closed.  Please never just drop off your child without checking to see if we are open or closed.


Regarding Opening Classes:

Check the following schedule for your child’s grade level.


If you have any questions or you have a conflict with the time of your child’s class, please feel free to call us at the Holy Family Center at (617) 567-6509.  Again, please make sure that our records indicate the correct phone number for your family.


If you have already paid this year’s tuition, thank you!  If not, please make some sort of a payment plan with Mrs. Cheryl DeModena (in the office) by November 8th, 2015.


In closing, on behalf of Fr. Wayne, Pastor of Sacred Heart, and myself, I’d like to thank you for supporting your child(ren) in their Catholic Christian Faith.




Ms. Sharon Rozzi




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