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What's new in the Resource Room?  What's worth adding to the parish religious education collection?

Print (and CD) 

A Place for All ~ Ministry for Youth with Special Needs
by John E. Barone, The Monarch School
Saint Mary’s Press 2008, $26.95

Although the copyright date is 2008, A Place for All  just arrived at the ORE in December, 2010.  It is a treasure!  Written from the heart and grounded in classroom experience, the book presents a step by step approach to help the parish community and volunteer catechists truly be a welcoming community.  The author relies heavily on case studies to illustrate his point.  He provides scripted scenarios of how to handle situations.  Perhaps the most valuable part of the book is the thoroughness given to catechist preparation.  Well prepared catechists are happy and more effective catechists and Mr. Barone puts forth catechist in-service material that will go a long way to both preparedness and effectiveness.

From the St. Mary Press website:

"Every community has a growing population of young people with neurological differences. Too often, youth with conditions such as autism, Tourette's syndrome, and bipolar disorder find themselves left out of parish religious education and youth ministry programs. In the pages of this book you will find the following:  

A Place for All opens a window into the challenging lives of children with neurological differences, the difficulties faced by the adults who work with them, and the shift in philosophy and methodology required for religious education professionals and volunteers to be able honestly to say, "There is a place for all in our community!" "  

Mass, A Guide For Visual Learners
By Margaret Froehlke;
ISBN: 9780979074745

Mass, A Guide For Visual Learners is a booklet for children and adults with autism - or anyone who learns best visually.  This is a photo-rich book with clear text, explaining each part of the Mass.  $5 + $5 processing = $10. Read more at the Diocese of Lansing, Michigan website:


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Two must haves for all religious education offices!

The descriptions below come from the NCEA web site. For those not familiar with the books referenced in the blurb, the earlier Legal Issues books for leaders and catechists were very valuable resources in parish religious education work.  If you have the older edition you know how necessary these books are for a well-run parish program, and you will want to order this new edition.  For those who have not read the original, order these new books now and plan to build the information into your next catechist meeting or cluster gathering.

Legal Issues for Catechetical and Youth Leaders by Mary Angela Shaughnessy, SCN, J.D., Ph.D. 
NCEA, 2006. 120pp.,
NCEA Non-member price: $21.00

This new book expands the scope of the previous Religious Education and the Law: A Handbook for Parish Catechetical Leaders, to include parish and youth ministers as well as religious educators. Topics either not discussed or only mentioned in the earlier text include boundaries, harassment, hazing and bullying, the Internet, email, health and medication issues, violence, special needs and others. 

Religious Education, Youth and Campus Ministry: Legal Issues for Catechists, Ministers, and Volunteers
by Mary Angela Shaughnessy, SCN, J.D., Ph.D. 
2006. 54pp., NCEA Non-member price: $7.00  (packets of 10: $40.00) 

Revised, this book expands the previous volume Religious Education and the Law: A Catechist Handbook touching on the same topics as Religious Education, Parish and Youth Ministry: Legal Issues for Catechetical and Youth Leaders from the perspective of catechists and youth ministers. Topics include boundaries, harassment, hazing and bullying, the Internet, email, health and medication issues, violence, special needs and others. 

These can be ordered through NCEA (  or, but Amazon has the Volunteer booklet only as single copy, not in packs of 10.

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Resources Online

From the Archdiocese of Washington:  wonderful resources on the papacy including grade-level lesson plans for schools and parishes, a novena for Pope benedict, prayers of the faithful and bulletin inserts.  A great resource

Check publishers' pages too.  Most publishers of basal series have good resources available for this exciting time in our Church.  Wonderful teachable moments!

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Got Media Questions?

The National Association of Catechetical Media Professionals (NACMP) is adding a FAQ section to its website.  Questions range from copyright concerns to latest movie reviews.  The site is maintained by computer gurus from Cleveland and St. Cloud.  If you have questions, they'll have - or find - the answers.  
Check it out:

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Video Catalogue  ~  Recursos Audiovisuales en Español

Our video catalogue contains 83 pages of videos indexed by topic, with age suggestions, viewing time, and video description. In addition, there is a section of Spanish videos with bi-lingual descriptions. Order one for your religious education office now by calling  the Office (617-779-3625).  The catalogue costs $5.00 which includes mailing costs.  Order now!

Of course, as soon as a media catalogue is printed it is out of date.  Additions to our video library will be listed and reviewed here and in the Good News Letter.

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Disabilities Resources

Available from USCCB (  800-235-8722):

*    Guidelines for the Celebration of the Sacraments with Persons with Disabilities
*      Pastoral Statement on Persons with Disabilities

*    Opening Doors to Welcome and Justice / Parish Guide

 Momentum  is a quarterly journal published by the NCEA.  They consistently have worthwhile articles on inclusive classrooms and providing a welcoming environment for persons with special needs and disabilities.   For subscription information, go to

Sacrament Preparation Resources for Persons with Learning Disabilities

The Institute for Pastoral Initiatives at the University of Dayton has wonderful material available for children and young people preparing for sacraments.  The Network of Inclusive Catholic Educators (NICE) has student texts and resource binders for catechists and catechetical leaders and videos for catechist formation and enrichment in the are of inclusive religious education for persons with disabilities.  For more detailed information and price list, go to

Mass, A Guide For Visual Learners is a booklet for children and adults with autism - or anyone who learns best visually.  This is a photo-rich book with clear text, explaining each part of the Mass.  $5 + $5 processing = $10. Read more at the Diocese of Lansing, Michigan website:

Autism Resources
Resources that were distributed or mentioned at our February 11, 2011 workshop on autism with Sue Swanson are now available at   This workshop was co-sponsored with Boston College through a grant from Pyne Memorial Presentation..

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What you can order from the ORE

Check your parish Religious Education library and make sure you have The Basics: 

All of the items above are easy to order, just call the office - 617-779-3625, and place your order.  We will mail them out to you with the bill.   

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Looking for a Retreat Site?
The SMA Fathers have a beautiful location on route 135 in Dedham.  In conversations with Sister Marion Batho, CSJ,  Delegate for Religious for the Archdiocese, the Fathers mentioned that their facility is available for groups - students and / or adults - for days or evenings of prayer.  
Here is the contact information for the SMA Fathers: 337 Common Street, Dedham, (781) 326-3288

Vocations Speakers
Sister Marion Batho, CSJ,  Delegate for Religious for the Archdiocese, offers assistance to parish religious education and confirmation programs who wish to have someone come to the parish to speak about vocations.  Sister Marian has a list of speakers willing to speak on all aspects of vocation and discernment.  Sister Marian can be reached at  617-746-5637.  There are few opportunities or venues in which to invite our young people to consider God's plan for them.   Jesus said to his disciples, "The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few; so ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest."  (Matthew 9:37)  We do a great disservice to our youngsters and our Church if we do not raise awareness to religious life and priesthood.  Call Sister Marion and talk about having someone come to speak to your  children and teens.

Holy Childhood Association
HCA is part of the Propagation of the Faith, a Pontifical Mission Society.  From their brochure we learn that, "...HCA offers young Catholics an opportunity to grow in faith through mission education, sacrifice, and service for others..... HCA focuses entirely on 'children helping children'"   
Wonderful resources are available for use in parish religious education programs.  Check out the website:   Other links with good information and resources: and   Here at the Archdiocese, Maureen Crowley Heil is the  Mission Education Coordinator for HCA.  She is ready, willing, and able to visit parishes and speak with classes.  For more information, contact Maureen at

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Labels are for Jars!
Labels Are For Jars is a creative effort organized by Father Paul O'Brien, Pastor of St. Patrick Parish, Lawrence, to help feed the hungry in Lawrence. Young people from parishes throughout the Archdiocese have gotten involved in Labels as a unique service opportunity. To learn more about Labels Are For Jars, go to  The website has lots of information about the project, including photos of the meal center, Cor Unum, which was dedicated recently.  This might be an inspiration for your efforts to help our young people build the Kingdom with the neediest of our brothers and sisters.  

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Stewardship is a three part approach to Christian discipleship involving Time, Talent and Treasure. Most folks, however, forget the first two dimensions, Time and Talent, and focus almost exclusively on the Treasure component.  We have been in conversation with the director of the Archdiocese's Office of Stewardship, about the need to educate and form our parishioners in the real, complete, spirit of stewardship.  We will have more information during the school year but for now, give some thought to how you can infuse Stewardship into your parish program.  Recruiting parish/parent volunteers to assist - not only as catechists but as clerical, corridor and classroom aides - is inviting stewardship.  Asking a talented high school student to help design the cover of your annual religious education calendar is inviting stewardship.  We educate for citizenship and discipleship; make stewardship a part of your program.  Channing Bete, publishers of scriptographic booklets has some great resources to help children and young people develop a sense of stewardship.  Check them out at: 
(Click on Pricing and Ordering, then on Catholic and you will find an alphabetical list of topics.) 


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Maryknoll Presentations in Schools and Colleges

"Know your brothers and sisters of other cultures”  
Maryknoll located in the Maryknoll Promotion House, E. Walpole, Mass., offers visual presentations to students in schools, CCD classes and colleges.
1. Fr. Frank Breen did pastoral work in the East African country of Kenya for 30 years and gives presentations on:
    *    General Introduction to East Africa (slides), including causes of poverty and church (mission)
    *    A day of reflection on Globalization (grades 11 & 12 only)
    *    A day of reflection on the environment and faith (grades 6-12)

 Fr. Frank also speaks in colleges. He can be contacted via email at:

2. Fr. Joe Towle did pastoral work in the Latin American countries of Guatemala & Bolivia for 24 years. During and after those years he produced educational videos for Maryknoll. His presentation includes a 14 minute video-profile of a young teenager of the “Children of the Earth” series of Maryknoll. (Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Native Americans.) For descriptions of this series, see the enclosed brochure.  
Fr. Joe speaks to students from grades 6-12 and to colleges; he can be reached via email:

Maryknoll Fathers & Brothers 80 Emerson Rd. E. Walpole, Ma. 02032 Tel. 508-668-6831  

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Web Resources

Keeping up with web sites is more than a full time job. While we really cannot  explore all the great sites out there (nor warn against the not-so-great sites) occasionally we will pass along sites we feel are informative, uplifting, somewhat related to the business of catechesis, and of, course, accurate!!!   Below are some good, general sites, and in the next section, links to the major publishers.  - our very own Archdiocese of Boston webpage - web site of the American Catholic Bishops - the official web site of the Vatican. - The Catholic Network for Adult Faith Formation has a new web site devoted to promoting faith formation for Catholics.  Parts of the site are, or soon will be, password protected for use by committee members and diocesan staff.  The site provides excellent materials for parish adult faith formation including articles and links to organizations and Church documents.  These are available to all and the site is a great resource for parishes. The Daughters of Saint Paul have excellent resources at their site. - 10 minute daily prayer experience at your computer from the Irish Jesuits  is a free subscription based and member driven online Catholic community.  Their site describes their work:  "...  provides Catholic content and online Web services to the Church, it's members, and those interested in learning about the Catholic faith. CatholicWeb's overall mission is to serve, be faithful, and provide information consistent with the official teachings and Magesterium of the Holy Catholic Church.  St. Anthony Messenger Press another site with excellent information.

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Publishers' Sites and News

We are so blessed to work with wonderful publishers who help the diocese, parishes, catechetical leaders and catechists spread the Good News. Check out some of the terrific pages from our publishers:

Harcourt Religion is now a part of Our Sunday Visitor.  Web page, materials, and ordering procedure remain the same:  Call to Faith, the new Harcourt religion series is ready.  Intergenerational and whole community catechesis are alive and well in this new series. 

Loyola has two basal text series:  Finding God and Christ Our Life (revised in 2009):  and
Wonderful resources for catechists.

Resources for Christian Living (RCL) and Benziger have combined to form, RCL Benziger.  This new company, RCL Benziger has recently acquired some Silver Burdett Religion resources from parent company Pearson Education.  Because Pearson will continue to produce other educational texts under the Silver Burdett imprint, RCL Benziger will not use the Silver Burdett Religion name.  SBR online resources that accompany the Blest Are We series plus supplemental materials art still available for download at  All SBR materials can be ordered through RCL Benziger.  The new web address for RCL Benziger is

Sadlier:  and www.comingtofaith.comCheck out Sadlier's new intergenerational website at   Also, the We Believe series is now available in a bilingual edition: Creemos.  Sadlier has many helpful resources for families.  In addition to the Unit and Chapter Family pages in We Believe, Family pages are also available in Creemos. For the past two years Sadlier has produced the Unit Family pages in Portuguese and they are available at the Sadlier webelieveweb site.

Saint Mary's Press:

What is your parish doing for and with adults?

Adult Faith Sharing
The USCCB has a wonderful series of faith sharing booklets designed to assist adults come to a greater awareness and appreciation of Catholic social teaching.  There are five books in the series - they can be used as part of an overall program or can stand alone.  The booklets are:  Shaping the Tradition, Sharing the Future; The Call to Family, Community, and Participation; Dignity of the Human Person; Preferential Option for the Poor; and Solidarity with the Poor.   Each booklet is a  six week program with Scripture readings, reflections, focus questions, and suggested group actions.  Since the booklets are only $1.00 per copy, they are budget-friendly for most parish adult education programs. Contact the USCCB at 800-235-8722 to order these materials   

The United States Catholic Catechism for Adults is another excellent resource for adults.  Stories of holy people begin each chapter and prayer and meditation suggestions close each chapter.  In between is solid teaching about the Catholic faith.  Based, of course, on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, this U.S. version is very user-friendly.  A supplemental Reader's Journal is also available. 


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