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The poor Clare Colettines are a cloistered Order, observing Papal Enclosure, with monasteries in many parts of the world. Here in Australia our Monastery is in the Diocese of Sandhurst, in Bendigo, Victoria.

Each monastery is autonomous and the six-year period of Formation prior to Solemn profession is carried out in the Monastery itself.

The daily horarium includes the full choral recitation of the Divine Office interspersed throughout the day - beginning with Matins at 12 midnight, - daily Mass, Rosary, Stations and Eucharistic Adoration. We also have communal recreation.

Poor Clare Colletines


We wear a full-length brown habit and scapular, white head-dress and cord and black veil and rosary. We go barefoot indoors.

Our daily work includes baking altar-breads, making vestments and altar linen, making cards and doing household chores and gardening.


Mother Abbess,
Poor Clare Colettines,
Monastery of the Holy Ghost,
18-20 Edwards Rd.,