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It is a privilege for all who are part of our program to work with you in bringing your children to a closer relationship with God.  You show your children the importance of religious instruction by enrolling them in our program.  Your children also see that prayer and worship are an essential part of their spiritual lives by attending Mass together.  We very much want our children to have a sense of God, the Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in their lives.  Our program at St. Mary strongly contributes to that goal.


The religious and faith formation of your children is a partnership that includes:  parents, teachers, catechists, aides, priests, deacons, parishioners, and all involved in our program.  Together, we can make a very positive difference.


It is important for parents to be sure to:


·         Attend Mass as a family each Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation.


·         Bring your children to Religious Education class every week that it is held.


·         Talk with your children about their classes and review the lessons with them.


Our religious education program builds on the example and instruction that you provide for your children.  We seek to do our best in enhancing the religious instruction and faith formation that you provide at home.


Please read the “Family Handbook”, cover to cover, so you will be familiar with the policies and procedures of the program as some of them have been enhanced or changed. A goal of religious education is to deepen and nurture the faith of the Body of Christ.  The staff of the St. Mary Religious Education Program will support you in fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of faith, which binds us together in the one Body of Christ.


The parish is indebted and grateful to you, and our catechists and aides for all that is done to provide a solid education in our Catholic Faith for our children.  May God continue to bless us in teaching the Gospel message and fulfilling God’s command to teach all nations, which begins in our homes.


Respectfully yours in Christ,

Brenda Cordier

Director of Religious Education