Agré, Bernard: b. Mar. 2 1926, Monga, Ivory Coast; ord. 20 Jul. 1953; ordained bishop of Man 3 Oct. 1968; transferred to Yamoussoukro 6 Mar. 1992; currently Archbishop of Abidjan.

Arinze, Francis: b. Nov. 1, 1932, Eziowelle, Nigeria; ord. priest Nov.23, 1958; ordained titular Bishop of Fassianna and auxilliary of Onitsha, August 29, 1965;became Archbishop of Onitsha, 1967-84; Pro-President of the Secretariat for Non Christians (now Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue), 1984; created Cardinal, May 25, 1985; deacon, St. John (della Pigna), transfered to the order of Cardinal priests, Jan. 29, 1996. President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue since 1985. Curial membership:

Doctrine of the Faith; Oriental Churches; Evangelization of Peoples; Cause of Saints; Laity, Christian Unity; Culture; International Eucharistic Congresses; Jubilee Year 2000.

do Nascimento, Alexandre: b. Mar. 1 1925, Malanje, Angola; ord. priest Dec.20, 1952, in Rome; professor of dogmatic theology in major seminary of Luanda, Angola; editor of O Apostolado, Catholic newspaper; forced into excile in Lisborn, Portugal 1961-1971; returned to Angola, 1971; active with student and refugee groups; professor at Pius XII Institute of Social Sciences; ord. Bishop of Malanje, Aug. 31, 1975; became archbishop of Lubango and apostolic Administrator of Onjiva, 1977-1986; held hostage by Angolan guerrillas, Oct. 15 to Nov. 16, 1982; created Cardinal Feb. 2, 1983; titular Church, St. Mark in Agro Laurentino. Archbishop of Luanda since 1986. Retired Jan.23, 2001.

Evangelization of Peoples; Catholic Education.

Magéot, Jean: b. in Quatre-Bornes, Port-Louis, Mauritius, 3 Feb. 1916; ord. 17 Dec. 1938; consecrated Bishop of Port-Louis 4 May 1969; created Cardinal 28 Jun. 1988; titular church of St. Gabriel Archangel all'Aqua Traversa. Retired 15 Feb. 1993.

Napier, Wifred Fox, OFM: b. 8 Mar. 1941 in Swartberg, Kokstrad, South Africa; ord. 25 Jul. 1970; Ordained Bishop of Kokstrad 28 Feb. 1981. Currently Archbishp of Durban, South Africa.

Etsou-Nzambi-Bamungwambi, Frédéric, C.I.C.M.: b. Dec. 3, 1930, Mazalonga, Demogratic Rep. of Congo (then Belgian Congo); ord. priest, July 13, 1958; educ. Institute of Paris (degree in Socilogy) and Lumen Vitae, Belgium (degree in pastoral theology); ord. titular Bishop of Menefessi and co-adjutor Archbishop of Mbandaka-Bikora, Nov. 7, 1975; Archbishop of Mbandaka-Bikora, 1977-1990; Archbishop of Kinshasa since July 7, 1990; created Cardinal June 28, 1991; titular Church, St. Lucy (a Piazza d'Armi). Curial membership:

Evangelization of Peoples; Council for Family.

Gantin, Bernardin: b. May 8, 1922, Toffo, Dahomey (now Benin); ord. priest Jan. 14, 1951; ord. titular Bishop of Tipasa di mauritania and Auxilliary of Cotonou, Benin, Feb. 3, 1957; Archbishop of Cotonou, 1960-71; associate Secretary (1971-73) and Secretary (1973-75) of Congregation for Evangelization of Peoples; Vice-President (1975) and President (1976-84) of Pontifical Commission for Justice and Peace; created Cardinal deacon, June 27, 1977; transfered to order of Priests June 25, 1984; titular Church, Sacred Heart Christ the King; titular Bishop of Suburbicarian see of Palestrina Sept. 29, 1986, when he entered the order of Cardinal Bishops, and of Ostia June 5 1993, when he became Dean of the College of Cardinals. Dean of the College of Cardinals since 1993. Retired in 2002.

Kozlowiecki, Adam, SJ: b.1 April, 1911 in Huta Komorowska, Poland; ord. priest 24 June, 1937; ord. Titular Bishop of Diospoli inferiore 11 Sep. 1955; promoted as Archbishop of Lusaka, Zambia 25 April, 1959; became Archbishop Emeritus of Lusaka 29 May, 1969, but still lives and works in a parish in Zambia as a missionary; created Cardinal 21 Feb. 1998; titular Church, St. Andrea at the Quirinale, 29.

+Otunga, Maurice Michael: b. Jan. 1923-2003, Chebukwa, Kenya; son of African Tradional Religion tribal Chief; baptized 1935; ord. priest Oct. 3, 1950 in Rome; taught at Kisumu Major Seminary for three years; attaché in apostolic delegation at Mombasa (1953-56); ord. titular Bishop of Tacape and Auxilliary of Kisumu, Feb. 25, 1956; Bishop of Kisii, 1960-69; titular Archbishop of of Bomarzo and co-adjutor of Nairobi, Nov. 15, 1969; Archbishop of Nairobi, Oct. 24, 1971; created Cardinal Mar. 5, 1973; titular Church, St. Gregaory Barbarigo (alle Tre Fontane). Archbishop of Nairobi and Military Ordinary of Kenya (1981). Archbishop Emeritus of Nairobi, 1997-2003.

Pengo, Polycarp: b. 5 August, 1944, Mwazye, Subawanga, Tanzania. Ord. priest 20 June, 197; appointed Bishop of Nachingwea 11 November, 1983; Ord. Bishop of Nachingwea 6 January, 1984; tranferred to Tunduru-Masasi diocese 11 October, 1986; appointed Co-adjutor of Dar-Es-Salaam 22 January, 1990; became Archbishop of Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania since 22 July, 1992 created Cardinal 21 Feb. 1998; titular Church, Our Lady of La Salette.

Okogie, Anthony Olubunni: b. 16 June, 1936, Lagos, Nigeria. Ord. priest 11 Dec. 1966; appointed Bishop 5 June 1971; consecrated 29 August 1971; appointed Archbishop of Legos Apr 13 1973; created Cardinal Oct 21 2003.

Pontifical Council for Social Communication

Razafindra, Armand Gaétan: b. Aug. 7, 1925, Ambohimalaza, Madagascar; ord. priest July 27, 1954; ord. Bishop of Mahajanga, July 2, 1978; Archbishop of Antananarivo, Feb. 3, 1994; created Cardinal, Nov. 26, 1994; titular Church, Sts. Sylvester and Martin ai Montini. Archbishop of Antananarivo and Aposlotic Administrator of Miarinarivo.Curial membership:

Evangelization of Peoples; Council for Laity.

Stephanos II Ghattas, C.M.: b. Cheikh Zein-el-Dine, Egypt, 16 Jan. 1920; ord. 25 Mar. 1944; Consecrated Bishop 9 Jun. 1967 and 9 Jun.1986 became Patriarch of Alexandria of the Copts in Egypt. Created Cardinal 21 Feb. 2001.

Thiandoum, Hyacinthe: b. Feb. 2, 1921, Poponguine, Senegal; ord. Priest Apr. 18, 1949; studies at Gregorian University, Rome (1951-53); ord. Archbishop of Dakar, May 20, 1962; created Cardinal, May 24, 1976; titular Church, S. Maria del Popolo. Archbishop of Dakar. Curial membership:

Clergy; Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life; Evangelization of Peoples; Socila Communications.

Tumi, Christian Wiyghan: b. Oct. 15, 1930, Kikaikelaki, Cameroon; Ord.priest Apr. 17, 1966; ord. bishop of Yagoua, Jan. 6, 1980; coadjutor Archbishop of Garoua, Nov. 19, 1982; Archbishop of Garoua, 1984-91; created Cardinal June 28, 1988; titular Church, Martyrs of Uganda (a Poggio Ameno). Archbishop of Douala, Aug. 31, 1991. Curial membership:

Evengelization of Peoples, Catholic Education, Interreligious Dialogue, Council for Culture.

Turkson, Peter Kodwo Appia: b. Oct. 11 1948; ord priest July 20 1975; appointed Bishop Oct 6 1992; consecrated March 27 1993 as Archbishop of Cape Coast. Created Cardinal Oct 21 2003.

Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity.

+Tzadua, Paulos: b. Aug. 25, 1921-2003, Addifini, Ethiopia; ord. priest Mar. 12, 1944; ord. titular Bishop of Abila di Palestina and Auxilliary of Addis Ababa, May 20, 1973; Archbishop of Addis Ababa, Feb. 24, 1977; created Cardinal May 25, 1985; titular Church, Most Holy Name of Mary (a Via Latina). Archbishop of Addis Ababa. Curial membership:

Oriental Churches; Interpretation of Legislative Texts.

Wako, Gabriel Zubeir: b. Feb 27 1941 in Wau, Sudan; ord. priest July 21 1963; appointed Bishop of Wau Dec. 12 1974; consecrated Apr 6 1975; became Co-adjutor of Khartoum Oct 30 1979; took over as Archbishop of Khartoum Oct 10 1981; Created Cardinal Oct 21 2003.

Pontifical Council Cor Unum.

Wamala, Emmanuel: b. Dec. 15, 1926, Kamaggwa, Uganda; ord. priest Dec. 21, 1957; ord. Bishop of Kiyinda-Mityana, Nov. 22, 1981; co-adjutor Archbishop of Kampala, June 21, 1988; Archbishop of Kampala, Feb. 8, 1990; created Cardinal Nov. 26, 1994; titular Church, St. Hugh. Archbishop of Kampala. Curial membership:

Evangelization of Peoples; Pontifical Council "Cor Unum".